Live Streaming from Six Pitches

24. Jul 2022

Live Streaming from Six Pitches

With teams from large parts of the world, naturally people in many countries are interested in the tournament. Traditionally, a number of family members travel with the players to Hjørring in week 30, but for all those who are unable to attend but would still like to watch the football games there are plenty of options.

‘We have installed unmanned professional cameras at six football fields and, consequently, every single day of this year’s Dana Cup all matches played there are streamed online’, press manager Torben Vandsted explains.

The cameras are installed on two pitches at Fortuna Hjørring’s facility, one camera covers a pitch on Hjørring IF’s pitches in the centre area, two cameras cover the matches on the two artificial grass pitches in Park Vendia, while the last camera is situated at a pitch in Højene.

‘Those interested, who would like to watch the matches, can click on, where it is possible to buy access to international youth football’, the press manager explains.


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