Long Journey from Greenland

26. Jul 2022

Long Journey from Greenland

After a relatively long journey from Greenland’s capital city, Nuuk, the boys from ‘Boldklubben af 1967’, B-67, played their first match at noon against ‘Klaksvíkar Ítróttarfelag’ from the Faroe Islands in B12. It was a well-played and technical match, which they won 4-0.

’ We would like to participate in the Dana Cup because there are very few matches in Greenland. At the same time, we want to play in a tournament where it is possible to meet as many countries as possible,' says team manager Sikkersoq Møller Mathiassen.

''Naturally, we hope that the boys get a lot of nice memories. It is important that they also get to see what is outside Greenland', explains Sikkersoq Møller Mathiassen. Additionally, the boys were happy to play on grass, as the weather conditions in Greenland mean that they mainly play on artificial grass. In addition, the weather conditions also mean that Futsal is a popular sport.

Moreover, when the boys arrived in North Jutland after the long journey from Nuuk, they also took advantage of the opportunity to visit Fårup Sommerland before the Dana Cup started.

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