Massage to Speed Recovery

27. Jul 2022

Massage to Speed Recovery

At the Dana Cup the players not only have to prove their skills and speed, but also their physical endurance throughout the competition. Thus, it is important to recover during the breaks in play, and what could not be nicer than a foot massage, and that free of charge.

‘We started our business a month and a half ago, and we said to ourselves that a sporting event like the Dana Cup is the place where we get the quickest feedback on our product," says company founder Christopher Leth, who is very excited about his first Dana Cup.

The vision of the family company ‘Massage Care’ is to suggest to everyone how pleasant, relaxing and stress-relieving a good foot massage can be and how important it is to ensure healthy and flexible feet throughout life. In addition to the feet, the device can also be used to treat calves and ankles, where the Shiatzu massage relieves tension, promotes blood circulation and prevents sore muscles.

"So far we've only had positive feedback on our massage devices; people are very welcome to pop by," says Christopher Leth with a smile!

Without prior appointment, all participants - with or without tired feet - can treat themselves to a small wellness break in the Dana Cup event area.

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