Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

20. Dec 2022

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

From all of us to all of you.

We would like to thank everyone who actively took part in our amazing “Come Back” tournament this year.

Players, coaches, leaders, parents, supporters, referees, volunteers, co-operation clubs, partners, Hjørring City and so on.

Words cannot express our relief and happiness to be back in action after two tournaments were cancelled.

Everyone who participated in the Dana Cup 2022, played an active role in ensuring one of the most memorable Dana Cup tournaments in our history.

Smiling faces from the first to the last day - we thank you all.

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Welcome back to our 40th Anniversary Tournament 24-29 July 2023 and to our brand new Dana Cup Mini 18-20 May 2023.

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