Playermaker and Dana Cup – Sharing the Passion

14. Jun 2022

Dana Cup and Playermaker

Playermaker and Dana Cup – Sharing the Passion

We are proud to present our new partners Playermaker.

Dana Cup is one of the largest and top ranked youth football tournaments in the world.

Offering Girls G19-G12 and Boys B19-B11 a place to shine and a place where dreams come true.

The Dana Cup welcomes a diverse range of youth footballers from all levels, who will now get the opportunity to maximize their skills.


Playermaker wearable performance tracker is a connected footwear-mounted device that captures athlete’s data from the source of motion, enabling and empowering athletes at any level to maximize their skills.

Unlike any other fitness trackers, and thanks to the sensors position on both feet, Playermaker is able to track the athlete's technical performance and offer further-reaching insights into the core part of the game.

By collecting and comparing millions of data points on athlete motion and mobility, Playermaker is empowering youth and amateur athletes to be accountable for their achievements, improve their skills with the accuracy once only afforded to elite athletes.

Further. Better. Together.

Catch Playermaker at the Dana Cup this summer

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