Quiet Day at the Office

28. Jul 2022

Quiet Day at the Office

’I can’t remember a Dana Cup where we in the jury have been presented with so few challenges. With more than 2000 matches, of course, it is inevitable that disagreements arise, both on and off the pitch; so far, we have only had to deal with minor issues,’ explains head of the jury during Dana Cup, Finn Larsen, who is also head of the staff of employees who set out the guidelines for how the tournament is run.

‘I would like to praise the clubs for having adopted the rules. Guidelines, our instructions and decisions are followed. For instance, I don’t think we have seen a single case where a club has illegally used a player, who has been sent off after a red card. Actually, the rule states that the suspended player may not be used in the following game, and we have not discovered a club that has cheated,’ says Finn Larsen, who is also able to handle the matches in which something is really at stake.

‘Of course, we know that games are more intense if the teams are close to qualifying for the finals. Consequently, in those matches we use experienced referees,’ he stresses.

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