Ready for extra effort at the Dana Cup 2024

03. Nov 2023

Ready for extra effort at the Dana Cup 2024

Dropping Dana Cup Mini in 2024

Dana Cup 2023 was a huge success and also an eye-opener on several fronts. Participants have returned quickly and in larger numbers after the pandemic, so we have new challenges, like the need for new accommodations. But, over all, the Dana Cup is very pleased with the successful tournament.

As work on a detailed plan for the Dana Cup 2024 is underway, we see the need for innovation on several fronts. Dana Cup's management has decided that there should be even more focus on the tournament in 2024.

"We need to be 100 percent focused on Dana Cup 2024, which will take place from the 22nd to 27th of July. In 2023, 1.114 teams participated and we are aiming to reach a similar number of registrations in 2024," says Dana Cup's Director, Jette Andersen.

"With so many participants, significant demands are placed on the organizational aspects and the many volunteers involved during the Dana Cup."

No Dana Cup Mini

In 2023, we attempted a Dana Cup Mini in May, which also heavily depleted resources.

It was perhaps excessive. Therefore, we have decided to forgo Dana Cup Mini in 2024 and concentrate our efforts only on the Dana Cup in July 2024.

There are several areas we wish to develop to enhance the Dana Cup Experience.

  • We need to establish more suitable accommodation facilities.
  • Logistics need to be operating at full capacity.
  • We wish to expand and develop our event area further.
  • We will evolve digitally around the tournament, our user system, the Dana Cup App, live streaming, live scores, etc.

While focusing on these aspects, we are pleased with the routine and experience that already exists within our system regarding match management and catering.

"We are now looking forward to another successful Dana Cup in Hjørring," concludes Jette Andersen.

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