Selected Referees for the Finals

29. Jul 2022

Selected Referees for the Finals

Just like the players, the level of the referees differs. But unlike the players, the referees are divided into categories according to their level nationally and possibly internationally.

‘And I use these categories as a starting point when I select referees for the A-finals,’ explains head of the referees, Thorsten Vekens, who compares the organization of the A-finals to a puzzle.

‘At the Dana Cup, we have a number of referees who referee in the second best league in Germany. Of course, they are vey good and, consequently, a few German referees will be in the finals but, in general, we try to make the finals as international as possible by selecting referees from many countries; obviously, if they have the proper level. ‘

‘Many of the referees return year after year, and I have been coming here for around 20 years; naturally, I know many of the referees and their qualities. But I always watch them in action before I make the final decision. The players and the clubs have the right to get the best referees when they play a final at NordEnergi Arena,’ emphasises Thorsten Vekens and adds that, of course, skilled female referees are also selected for the finals.

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