Team Interview - NEWBATTLE HSFC - Scotland

10. May 2023

Team Interview - NEWBATTLE HSFC - Scotland

Tell us briefly the name of your club and where you come from, a little background?

Newbattle are a state secondary school of around 1.000 students between the ages of 12-18 and is situated around 8 miles south of Edinburgh in Scotland. Sport plays a big part in the curriculum and Football is by far enjoys the biggest participation with teams taking part in Leagues and Cups at all age groups. We have great facilities especially since moving to a new building in 2018 with 3 grass and 1 4G Astro facility.

Tell us what participating in the Dana Cup means for you and your team/s?

We first came to Dana Cup in 2005 and have participated in every tournament since. Dana Cup is a fantastic experience for players and we feel has been responsible for encouraging a togetherness and team spirit which has served us well over the years and led to our teams enjoying a lot of success. When leaving school, students who have been in Denmark inevitable name Dana Cup as the best experience of their school career which in short explains why we keep coming back.

What are your goals and expectations at the Dana Cup 2023?

This year we are coming with a team which has had a very good season winning the Lothian Championship and our aims on the park are to qualify for the A tournament and then try to get as far as any Newbattle side has reached, which was the last 8 in 2012. Off the park our aims are as always to see the players embrace new opportunities and cultures and develop as people.

Dana Cup has made a pledge to support the Global Goals – which goal will you play for at the Dana Cup 2023?

Global Goal No. 4 - Quality Education - We are pleased to back Dana Cups support of Global Goals and as a school it will be no surprise that we will be playing for No. 4 Quality Education.

John Frame, Teacher and Football Director Newbattle High School.


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