Team Interview - Stångebro United - Sweden

03. Apr 2023

Team Interview - Stångebro United - Sweden

Tell us briefly the name of your club and where you come from, a little background?

We are Stångebro United, Girls 14. Stångebro is a youth football academy from Linköping Sweden. The academy was founded in 2012 under the name MB United and MB is still in the nickname we use at games and on social media. We train and play at least five times per week all year and many in the academy also go to the same school with football on the schedule. Our team colours are white or black, but colour doesn´t matter. We have boys and girls with different backgrounds in our academy, all working together with the same goal.

Tell us what participating in the Dana Cup means for you and your team/s?

We are going to play in the Dana Cup Girls 14 class, 11:11, it will give us new experiences to take home with us in our football education. Also playing 11 vs 11 will be new for us and it will be interesting to see how our quick, pass oriented play will develop over a bigger field.

What are your goals and expectations at the Dana Cup 2023?

Our goal is to win and of course have fun and also meeting people from other countries and making new friends.

Dana Cup has made a pledge to support the Global Goals – which goal will you play for at the Dana Cup 2023?

Global Goal No. 5 - Gender Equality - Getting to know other people, from all over the world, one of our main objectives with the participation, makes it easier to reach gender equality. Doing what you love, in our case playing football and have the same opportunities independent of your gender is important for the whole world if we want to continue developing young girls dreams and skills. A goal all should strive for.

Read more about the Global Goals here

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