The Mayor Welcomed Two Teams

25. Jul 2022

The Mayor Welcomed Two Teams

Since the first Dana Cup was held in 1982, a number of traditions have been created. One of them is that the flame at the City Stage is lit as a signal to Hjørring and the guests of the town that the Dana Cup is now underway. The town’s handyman Krumme and the mayor of Hjørring, Søren Smalbro, lit the flame.

Even though it rained cats and dogs, people still smiled when the flame was lit with the help of Grüner Fotball IL from Norway and All American FC from Ohio in the USA.

Afterwards, the two teams, representing all 830 teams, were invited to meet mayor Søren Smalbro in the council chamber.

Here the mayor welcomed the players to Hjørring and apologised for the dull rainy weather and, then, he reassured them that lots of sun and warm temperatures are expected for the rest of the week.

‘Welcome to Hjørring and to the Dana Cup. I hope you have a good tournament and play some good matches; but the most important thing is that you have a wonderful time and perhaps make some new friends’, Dana Cup’s CEO, Jette Andersen, said.

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