Travels 6500 km to referee at the Dana Cup

27. Jul 2022

Travels 6500 km to referee at the Dana Cup

Distance does not matter; at least not for Laxmi Shrestha and Marina Dhimal. The two women come from Nepal and referee at the Dana Cup.

’We have refereed football for 10 years and became referees at the same time’, explains Laxmi Shrestha and adds that for both the Dana Cup is a completely new experience.

‘We have never been here before, but it is a fantastic tournament,’ smiles Laxmi Shrestha, who is not too impressed by the Danish weather, however.

’For the last few days it has been cold, and the low temperatures are not so good for my one knee, which hurts. I will have to be treated in the Dana Cup MASH tent,’ she says before the next match.

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