Ukrainians get together at the Dana Cup

26. Jul 2022

Ukrainians get together at the Dana Cup

Even though their country is ravaged by war, positivity, joy and community spirit are needed. The six teams from the Ukraine at the Dana Cup find that.

‘If you don’t experience it yourself, it might be difficult to understand, but the children and their families also need some joy and something positive as a counterweight to the war and, then of course, they also miss their friends with which they normally play soccer,’ explains Oleksandr Gerasymovych, who is head of Bevar Ukraine’s branch in Aalborg. He has lived in Denmark for 16 years and is in contact with the Ukrainian clubs participating in this year’s Dana Cup.

‘Some of the players still live in the Ukraine with their families, some actually in Odessa, but a great many from especially Eastern and Central Ukraine have fled the war to other European countries. Some stay in the Czech Republic, Poland, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Germany or other countries. They have met in, for example, Hamburg, and have subsequently driven together to the Dana Cup, where they have once again become part of the community that they miss,’

The six Ukrainian teams are:

B11 DUSSH 11 Odessa, B15, B16 and B17 CFC Bratslav Junior from Central Ukraine and DUFK Chornomorets from Odessa.

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