USA & Mexico update

24. Jan 2023

Dana Cup has just returned from a 10-day promotion tour in the USA and Mexico.

First, we took part in the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Philadelphia, it was great to catch up with clubs, leaders, coaches, partners and more.

American teams are very interested in participating in the Dana Cup 2023, currently we have 12 teams registered and there are more to come in the coming months.

Second part of the tour went to Mexico City and Guadalajara in Mexico, what a beautiful country, filled with amazing people who love their football.

It was an honor to visit so many clubs on our trip, to get a greater understanding of where our guests come from, what drives them and what challenges they face, as they make their way from Mexico to Hjørring in Denmark.

One thing that all the clubs mention is the amazing experience that participating in the Dana Cup tournament offers to their children. Apart from playing international football games against teams from all around the world, the children experience travel and culture as they make friendships that last them a lifetime.

Dana Cup welcomed 16 teams from Mexico last year and have set the bar higher here in 2023, as we expect anywhere between 20-25 teams for our Anniversary Tournament.

We would like to thank our Official Agent in Mexico, Patricia Espinosa for setting up our tour and thanks to all the clubs, leagues, and individuals we met on our tour.

Welcome to the Dana Cup 24-29 July 2023!


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