Youth Play – Fans watching from Home

24. Jul 2022

Youth Play – Fans watching from Home

300 games will be broadcast live from the Dana Cup in Hjørring in the coming week. Dana Cup has started a co-operation with Spiideo, a Swedish-based streaming company and, thus, unmanned cameras have been installed at six pitches in the Dana Cup area.

’We think that it is an excellent opportunity for the clubs and their supporters. To sit at home in Norway, Mexico or Brazil and watch your child play on a football field in Hjørring is great’, Dana Cup press manager Torben Vandsted says.

‘We have been busy recently in order to get the streaming in place. This has been achieved through good collaboration with Spiideo and, not least, Gothia Cup in Gothenburg that hastily removed cameras from their cup in Sweden and sent them to Hjørring. Now we get to test the system, and I have no doubt that we will increase the activity in the future’.

You can already buy access to matches played on Tuesday.

Access to the schedule for the matches and purchase of the desired games take place here.



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