Schedule leader meeting

Welcome 20.30
Mayor  20.50
Dinner 21.00
Events   21.00 - 23.30
Pick up T-shirt 23.00 - 23.30
Goodnight & thanks kl. 23.30

leader top

Each club that is accommodated by the Dana Cup with the (A-band), will receive 2 invitations to attend the huge leader party on Tuesday, where we also hand out our Dana Cup leader T-shirt.
The leader party is held in the FiberHallen in the Dana Cup center area. At this event you can relax and enjoy the company of your fellow leaders who have come to the Dana Cup from all around the World. 
There will be served a Danish buffet, prepared with fantastic ingredients, healthy salads and a beautiful dessert. A band will entertain you throughout the evening. This event is an unforgettable evening for many of our leaders.

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