Dana Cup Academy develops women football players for the highest elite level

The Dana Cup Academy will open in August 2017 in Hjørring and the academy will be the first of its kind in Denmark. 
The Dana Cup Academy offers Danish and international female football players personal development with football as the main focus but also hand in hand with other educational options, tailor made for each individual student. 
The academy has first class facilities and top level coaches. The schooling and studies are adapted to each individuals wishes and level and there is a wide range of different educational institutes located close to the Dana Cup Academy.
For who and how long:

Dana Cup Academy is open for both Danish and international female footballers. Students are selected from both their sporting and personal qualifications.  
A stay at the Dana Cup Academy can be for a few months or up to 4 years.
Team placement:

Students at the Dana Cup Academy will be placed on teams that match their level, e.g. Gjensidige Kvindeliga, 1. division, U18 or U16. It can be in Fortuna Hjørring or another club depending on the players wishes. 
Dana Cup Academy participates in training tournaments and tournaments in both Denmark and internationally.
Mentors and contact families:

Each student at the Dana Cup Academy will be offered a contact family as an extra social aspect outside the academy. There is also the possibility to have a mentor, an experienced elite player who can support and give advice to the young players.
Parent relationship:

For the Dana Cup Academy it is essential that the family of a student is comfortable with the students stay at the academy. Therefore the family will be thoroughly informed in regards to all of the conditions and objectives before inclusion in the academy program.
The family will also be updated regularly in regards to what is happening at the academy, there will be regular parents meetings and open days at the academy. 

The Dana Cup Academy has its own Facebook page with regular updates in regards to future plans and events.
Dana Cup Academy
Børge Christensens Vej 5
9800 Hjørring
Telephone: +45 98 91 13 00 / E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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