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Welcome to the Dana Cup Hjørring 20-25 July 2020

Around 1.000 teams were united in Hjørring on one of Northern Europe's most beautiful football arenas this July.

As we reflect on our tournament this summer we must thank all of our participants - players, leaders, coaches, referees, partners, supporters, family, friends & volunteers - for setting the highest standards of #Respect and #FairPlay this summer.

We set the stage for an international youth soccer tournament to be held but it is up to each individual person attending to ensure good times for everyone.

Our #DanaCupUnited campaign has been heard – We promise to contribute in creating a safe environment, where we treat each other with Respect and where we show FairPlay on and off the field.

So thank you everyone for contributing to making the Dana Cup Hjørring 2019 a successful and memorable tournament for everyone involved. We believe it was one of the best Dana Cup tournaments in our history since 1982.

Dana Cup Hjørring 20-25 July 2020

The dates are set for 2020 and as usual we open up for online registrations from the 15th of September. We warmly welcome you to join us next summer, we can promise you a quality international youth soccer tournament of high standards.

If you would like to receive our information and prices from the 15th of September, just e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your club name and country.

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Dana Cup 2019 was a fantastic year

20.000 players, leaders and officials provided entertaining and festive football. On all the playing fields and the accommodations, life was lived to the fullest. 

2.532 games were played with 11.595 goals scored.

We have had an amazing week and we feel that everyone who has spent the week in Hjørring has thoroughly enjoyed it. You are all taking some amazing memories home with you, to 45 nations. 

You have contributed to one huge party in Hjørring! 

With the best possible weather, the Dana Cup week became the week of the year. 

Thanks for visiting us and thanks for participatin in the Dana Cup Hjørring 2019!

We are already looking forward to next years tournament.

You are all more than welcome to return and we are also ready to welcome even more teams.

Welcome to the Dana Cup Hjørring 20th to the 25th of July 2020!

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B16finale2019 11

Interclubes (BRA) – Kragerø IF FB (NOR) 1-2 (1-1):

After nine seconds of play, number 79 from Interclubes set a new scoring record at Dana Cup 2019. Thus, the Brazilians made it 1-0. Still, 2 minutes and 31 seconds later, Kragerø equalised. After five minutes number 79 hit the post.

Then the level dropped. Nevertheless, the intensity was still intact, but most play took place in midfield with not very dangerous chances.

Right up until Kragerø’s captain felt that enough was enough and curled the ball into the top corner.
The goal forced Interclubes to attack but a well-playing goalkeeper and a heroic fight by the Norwegians prevented the Brazilians from equalising.

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FinaleB14Finale2019 11

Våg FK (NOR) – Pequeninos Do Jockey 1 (BRA) 2-3 after extra time and penalty shoot-out (0-0):

Fair play and good behaviour were challenged, when Norwegian Våg and Pequeninos Do Jockey from Brazil met in B14. Thus, both two teams had some difficulties controlling their feelings. In the first half, the referee and linesmen spent a lot of time dampening the feelings of both players and managers. In the second half, luckily, the two teams focused on playing football.

We never got Samba-football. However, both teams played fast-paced and tackled hard within the rules of the game. As none of the team scored in ordinary time or extra time, the referee dictated penalty shoot-out. Here, Pequeninos Do Jockey was the sharpest when it mattered.

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G14finale2019 11

AaB (DEN) – Fron FB (NOR) 1-0 (0-0):

Both clubs were in their second final at this year’s Dana Cup. On Friday, Fron lost to Heming in G12, while AaB lost to Viking in G16 earlier on Saturday, so both teams wanted win.

The first 20 minutes were very close. In the second half, AaB dominated more and more even hitting the crossbar at one point. However, Fron did not give up and even missed a huge chance to score. The game waved back and forth without any big chances. However, AaB scored the only goal of the match in added time.

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Most Successful Club 2019

Düren 1. FC from Germany was chosen as the most successful club at the Dana Cup 2019.

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Jammerbugt FC (DEN) – Staal Jørpeland IL 1 (NOR) 1-2 (0-0):

With two really good opportunities within the first minutes, everybody expected an entertaining final between Jammerbugt and Staal Jørpeland. However, the game ended in a war of position with very few chances. On the other hand, the spectators saw two well-playing teams full of energy and willing to run a lot.

When Staal Jørpeland was given a penalty, which the Jammerbugt camp disagreed with, and then scored, the game changed. The duels became even more physical, and Jammerbugt went all out to equalise.

Nevertheless, Staal Jørpeland scored again with eight minutes left.

Even though the task looked impossible, Jammerbugt kept trying and, thus, they scored a couple of minutes into added time. But they could not prevent Staal Jørpeland from winning gold.


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Fjellhamar FK (NOR) – Gjøvik-Lyn FK (NOR) 3-2 (3-1):

Goals decide football games. It is a known fact. Those who score goals win. In the final between Fjellhamar and Gjøvik-Lyn, Fjellhamar was the best team to take advantage of the chances, which is why Gjøvik-Lyn lost.

But, in reality, not much separated the two teams. The match was very close and Gjøvik-Lyn had just as much ball possession as Fjellhamar. With a goal on penalty just five seconds before the final whistle, the match was unusually close to a draw.

A well-played and entertaining final.

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Cantalao (PER) – Søreide IL (NOR) 5-0 (3-0)

All honour and respect for Søreide, but in the final in class B13 the favourites won. It was a solid victory to Cantalao from Peru, who has been among the best teams at Dana Cup for many years. This Saturday in Nord Energi Area they were superior all over the pitch.

Too bad that the other team, as expected, was Cantalao, because Søreide had many good footballers, who played well and never surrendered to the superior force.

On the other hand, one has to praise Cantalao. They played with the usual South American elegance and ease that makes the game look so simple.
It was a fine final, which Søreide can also be proud of.

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Utsikten BK (SWE) – Interclubes (BRA) 0-1 after extra time (0-0):

After 50 minutes of play, the two goalkeepers from Utsikten and Interclubes had not had a single save. There had not been one serious shot on goal. Therefore, the game went into extra time and, after just two minutes of play, Interclubes made it 1-0 with what turned out to be the only goal of the match. However, Utsikten quite correctly should have been awarded a penalty a couple of minutes before the final whistle.

Goals are important to a football match, but with fast pace, many duels and hard tackles, the two teams played well and, in the end, small margins made the difference. No wonder, Utsikten’s players were disappointed, but they did their best.

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Viking FK (NOR) – AaB (DEN) 2-0 (0-0):

From the first whistle, Viking put pressure on AaB and, consequently, quickly won the battle in midfield, but they never created any really dangerous chances in the first half. As a matter of fact, AaB’s well-playing goalkeeper took care of the few chances, they did have.

However, after a few tactical substitutes, AaB started to play better. Still, it was Viking FK that deservedly made it 1-0 on a shot from the distance a few minutes into the second half.

Viking FK continued to dominate the rest of the game. Aab was practically never in Viking’s half, so it was perfectly in conformity with play and chances that Viking could make it 2-0 12 minutes before the final whistle.

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