22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
finals1 14.12.2018

New final times in place

With 4 new 7:7 classes at the Dana Cup Hjørring 2019, there are more finals to be played. Next summer there will also be an added focus on the rest time for the young players before the important final games.

The huge puzzle is now in place.

The final order of the new finals will first take place when registrations for 2019 are over and we know the exact number of teams entered in each class. 

The Dana Cup will ensure that there is a good break for teams before their final game and after their previous game. That is why teams have to wait until the last minute to get their time slot for their final game. 

It is already certain that all the 7:7 A-finals will be played at the Nord Energi Arena (Field 1) on Friday the 26th of July between 08:45 and 17:30. On the same day from 17:30 you will see the 11:11 A-finals for Girls G13, Girls G17 and Girls G19.

On Friday the 26th of July you will see all the 7:7 B-finals played on the Center Court on Fortuna's fields, along with the 11:11 B-finals for Girls G13 and Girls G19.

Saturday the 27th of July you will see the remaining 11:11 B-finals played on Fortuna's and HI's fields.

On Saturday, the last day of the Dana Cup Hjørring 2019 you will see a total of 9 11:11 finals for both girls and boys at the Nord Energi Arena. There will be exciting youth football on show from 08:00 to 18:30 that day.

You can see the full detailed final program here

finals 14.12.2018


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We are going to #DanaCup2019


A football tradition every year.

The Dana Cup Hjørring in July, is the tournament that all of our teams look forward to the most, both players, coaches and parents.

The younger players in our club cannot wait until it is there turn to take part in the Dana Cup Hjørring – a fantastic international tournament. To meet and play against other nations is what our boys look forward to the most each year. It is not just about winning but about being a part of it all. The city of Hjørring echoes the sound of football and happy young people throughout the week.

Many different nations and cultures meet outside the playing field in the Dana Cup center area. There is formed friendships across borders for both players and leaders. Our club Lundergård IU takes part each year with 6-7 teams and we are already looking forward to the Dana Cup Hjørring 2019.

If you have not participated in the Dana Cup Hjørring before, then I can highly recommend taking part in 2019 – it is absolutely worth the visit!

We support Global Goal 5 – "Gender Equality" - Read more about the Global Goals here



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We are going to #DanaCup2019

Hello Denmark - hello Dana Cup!

We are the U12 team, SV Rugenbergen of 1925 e.V. in Bönningstedt near Hamburg. The SV Rugenbergen operates an intensive youth work and offers over 300 children the opportunity to play football in all performance categories. As RUG-Express 2007, we represent our club and the Hamburg Football Association. Many of our boys have been playing together as a team since they were 5 years old. During this time, we have integrated many new players and have a great community. We play many tournaments nationally and internationally and are always looking forward to new experiences. In addition to the sporting development, the team spirit is our priority, because a strong team needs a strong cohesion.

In 2018, we attended the Dana Cup for the first time. For the boys it was a great experience to compete with teams from all over the world and celebrate a big football festival. In the end, we were only just eliminated in the quarterfinals but were the only team with long resistance to the later winner Cantolao from Peru with only a 2:3 loss. The boys are very, very happy to be back in 2019.

We are primarily looking to experience a great team event again and to gain new experiences. The Dana Cup, with its festival of different countries and cultures, is an outstanding event that will forever be in the boys' minds. Even the opening ceremony with the march through the city is an experience of a special kind. Of course, the boys also have the goal to improve their result from last year.

We support Global Goal 17 Partnerships for the Goals and Global Goal 1 No Poverty.

Global Goals is a great initiative. Good that the Dana Cup is committed to this. By bringing together many young people from around the world at a major football tournament, the foundation will be laid for intercultural exchange for the participating children. Together and without reservations to celebrate a football party. Is there a better way to reduce reservations and distances? Basically, it is up to the parents and coaches to sensitize the boys to all the content of the Golden Goals and to point out what each one can do to preserve our world. We stand for mutual respect, sporting fairness and good cooperation. No matter who faces us, where they come from and which skin color they have. We should all stand up for all the goals of the Global Goals, because only when the world and its inhabitants work hand in hand at the goals they can be implemented.     



Instagram: @rugexpress2007

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klasser2 30.11.2018
Photo: Emil Jensen - ligafoto.dk

Dana Cup Hjørring 2019 offers 4 new classes 

For many years, it has been possible to play 7:7 in the youngest classes B12, B11 and G12. Now you can also have the opportunity to play 7:7 in other classes - B14 and B16 together with G14 and G16. So now, more young football players can come to the Dana Cup Hjørring and participate in our huge event next summer. It will take place from the 22nd to the 27th of July, the week 30 as we call it here in Denmark.

- There is an increasing demand to take part in the Dana Cup Hjørring but at this same time, there can be challenges to gather an 11:11 team, but the interest to participate in the tournament is strong. As we open up for more 7:7 teams, there is a higher procentage of teams that can experience football in the summertime in Denmark - says Dana Cup Director - Jette Andersen.

- Over the last few years, we have seen that some young players have been disappointed when they could not come to the Dana Cup Hjørring. It is mostly from Norway that we have reports of young players who are ready to come to the Dana Cup Hjørring but they are in need of a couple of extra players. It can also be that a club has too many players for just 1 team but not quiet enough for 2 teams in 11:11. Now they can participate with a team in each class 7:7 and 11:11. Everyone can take the trip, everyone gets to play games and everyone can experience a fantatic summer tournament here in Denmark.

- With 4 new and 3 "previous" 7:7 classes, we are giving plenty of opportunities for teams to join us. I also believe that it can of great interest for Danish teams, along with other foreign teams, to unite and play in an international tournament.

Dana Cup Hjørring always tries to listen and fulfill the wishes of our young footballers and leaders. The expansion of the 7:7 classes, is just one of the new actions taken to give as many young footballers the opportunity to play football on the playing fields in Hjørring at the Dana Cup Hjørring.

klasser 30.11.2018

Photo: Jess M Madsen - fodboldfoto


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Etne5 29.11

We are going to #DanaCup2019 


Etne IL was founded on the 15th of April, 1930 and offers sports for both children and adults. Etne IL has different sporting offers to choose between: football, athletics, handball, gymnastics and cross country skiing. At this time the club has 540 active members with 300 of them registered under football. There is more than 80 coaches, team leaders and contact persons actively working within the club and the different sports and all are working as volunteers.

Within our football department we have 22 teams, with the youngest players being 6 to 7 years of age when they start playing football. Our club has one artificial field and two fields with natural grass that are used for both training and games. Our club also has a large indoors hall, which is good to use when the temparture sinks below zero in the winter time. Once a year in the month of June, we organize a small football tournament over a weekend with 2000 players aged between 9 and 13 years of age. Etne Cup was organized for the first time in 1980. A popular little tournament that gets fully booked and their is a waiting list.

Our youth teams between 13 and 19 years of age, have participated in football tournaments in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Our club has participated with many teams over many years at the Dana Cup Hjørring. Last time we participated was in 2014 with a Boys 15 team. Here in 2019 we will participate with both a girls G14 and boys B14 team. This is the first time that these teams will play in a tournament abroad. We will live together both players and parents, so it will be a social event for both young and old. The reason we have chosen the Dana Cup is because we always receive a warm welcome with good following up and assistance along the way. It is a football tournament that is extremely user friendly to attend and everything is centrally located in Hjørring. The Dana Cup area with the event area, tivoli and disco is very popular with the players when they are not playing games.

Our expectations are first of all to have a load of fun, both on and off the field and to support the mastering and team spirit of all our players. It will also be fantastic if we can achieve good results too. We hope that our players will form new friendships with other players from other clubs. We also hope to be good representatives for our club during the tournament. It will be a brand new experience for our players to play in such a large tournament and we expect this to be an experience they will never forget. We look forward to next years big event – the Dana Cup Hjørring 2019.

We support Global Goal 13 "Climate Action" - Read more about the Global Goals here

Facebook: Etne IL

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Goals 21.11

We are going to #DanaCup2019 


Goals Football Academy Club was established in 2014, for developing football at the grassroots level and to assist children and working in the condition to raise and recognize the child as an integral part of an adult dominated society. Goals Football Academy basically focus on transforming the meaning and the importance of playing football to the kids and to provide football training to children more focused to orphan and street children who are deprived from these kinds of opportunities. We are giving the football training to develop the skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork to keep fit and healthy etc.

It is our first time we will attend the Dana Cup 2019.

Our motive for going to the Dana Cup 2019 is to represent our club and nation at an international level and to give match exposure to our children and to build brotherhood to the other national clubs and teams. We also expect fair play, sportsmanship etc.

We support the Global Goal 1 - "No poverty" and Global Goal 4 – "Quality Education" - Read more about the Global Goals here

YouTube: Goals Football Academy Club


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news 21.11.2018

Updated Promotion Video

We have made some small updates to our Official Dana Cup Promotion Video for 2019.

Check it out on our website here or via our YouTube Channel here – Also feel free to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for all our latest updates.

We have also produced the Dana Cup Hjørring Official Short Promo Video – check the beat here

Welcome to the Dana Cup Hjørring 22-27 July 2019.


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IR Academy2 21.11

We are going to #DanaCup2019 


IR Academy is a non-profit proud member of both US Club Soccer and Norcal Premier Soccer League. IR Academy soccer club is located in Elk Grove California. Our team 05Boys Purple have been together for the last 4 years. Within those 4 years we have built a team that played in the silver 2 level all the way to Premier Elite and are currently rank 16th in Northern California. Recent achievements are 2018 Davis Legacy Premier Cup Champion, 2018 Sacramento United Capitol Cup Champions, 2018 Manteca FC Spring Champion and 2017 Norcal Fall League Champions.

Not only is this our first time particpating in the Dana Cup but the first for our club.

Our goal is to be competitive with every match we play, be great representatives for our club, county and local community and to have an amazing soccer experience that our team will never forget. Our expectation of the tournament is to be responsive to our needs and questions, be helpful, be well organized, keep our players safe during the trip, be good hosts.

We will be playing for Goal 2 “Zero Hunger” - Read more about the Global Goals here

Website: IR Academy

Facebook: @IRacademysoccer

Twitter: @IR_ ACADEMY

IR Academy 21.11

IR Academy3 21.11

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News 15.11.2018

Are you ready to play against some of the top youth football clubs in the World?

#football #respect #unity #equality #friendships #memories #equalplay

37 years of experience and this confirms one thing for your club - QUALITY

* More than 1.000 teams from 45 countries
* Denmark's largest sporting event
* The World's third largest youth soccer tournament
* The World's most international youth tournament with 90% foreign teams
* Excellent grass fields in a safe environment
* 20,000 participants playing in international groups
* Kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches close by

To receive our tournament prices, just send a quick e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hot News in 2019 - B16, B14, G16 and G14 will play 7:7 along with the traditional 11:11.

Registrations close on the 1st of May, 2019 - Register today

Welcome to the Dana Cup Hjørring 2019!


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We are going to #DanaCup2019


The Football Club COOL is 11 years old, founded on September 28, 2007. Works with young categories of children. Started with a small number of members, but with the trainings, the persistence of coaches and children, the number of members has steadily increased. It currently has about 300 members and employs 10 coaches, 1 medical person and 2 technical staff. It has two covered sports fields with artificial turf and two open terrains with natural grass that they use for training young footballers during the day and in the evening. The way of work is according to age, and trainings are every day depending on the generations. Continuing competitions with other football clubs are organized within the training. Summer time we organize summer camps in Nei Pori and Paralia, Greece and Ohrid- Macedonia for the children from our club where they have regular trainings, competitions, training and socializing with the children from other football schools. The trainings are held by licensed trainers, and during the matches, the league and the camps children are medically cared for.

The children's league COOL is underway, which has been successfully implemented for seven years in which football schools from Skopje are participating. Children compete, socialize, exchange experiences, as well as coaches, which is greatly beneficial for the teams. Interesting competitions are provided for viewers, and for those who are not able to attend the competition, and still want to be in the process, they are allowed to watch some of the games in the videos that are published on the fan clubs of the FC Cool, as well as interesting moments captured by photographing.

FC Cool for its eleven year existence step by step, scale on the scale, slowly but surely moved forward and gained high reputation at home and abroad. FC Cool took part in all categories of children's league organized by Football federation of Macedonian, International tournaments in Croatia- Zagreb, Serbia - Belgrade, Vojvodina and Kraljevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Bijeljina, Bulgaria - Sofia and Blagoevgrad, Denmark - Hjorring, Turkey- Istanbul, France - Dijon and Evian, Macedonia - Struga, Stip, Skopje, Ohrid, Kumanovo and many more current tournaments where he achieves solid successes and gained great experience that he applied in the organization of his tournament and successfully presented the club and the state. In the organization of the Football Club Cool is also the international tournament KUL KUP, which this year is the fourth in a row. The tournament turns into a tradition where teams make friends, exchange experiences and measure their football abilities. With this tournament we want to encourage the socializing of young athletes among the Balkan countries and to contribute to the development of sports in the youth categories.

This year we participated for the first time on Dana Cup, and we were beautifully welcomed, we gained new experiences, friendships and achieved good results for the first participation.

Our expectations are to gain new management experience, coaches and children. Any participation in a tournament for our club is a ladder plus for our club, deliberately on a large and well organized tournament like yours.

The participation of Dana Cup is first to be friends, and of course if they win and some higher place would be great for our club.

We support Global Goal 4 – Quality Education - Read more about the Global Goals here

Facebook: @fudbalskaskolacoolzdravje

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We are going to #DanaCup2019 


Pietà Hotspurs have a long attachment to football in Malta. In 1910, one of the earliest football grounds on our islands was opened just a few meters away from the present Pietà football club. The National Football Ground served Maltese football for a very short time. It had a lot of disadvantages, mainly that the pitch sloped to one side of the ground. The ground remained active up to 1912 when the Mile End was opened. With football being played nearby, it was not surprising that throughout the years a number of clubs were formed in the Pietà area. Many of these teams have been forgotten but in 1932 Pietà United were formed and with a bit more luck, they could have even played in the First Division. They applied to join the league but unfortunately for them, Hibernians FC, Sliema Rangers and Vittoriosa United were also seeking admission. Only two slots were available. Qualifying matches were played and Pietà lost 5-0 to Hibernians while Sliema Rangers beat Vittoriosa United 2-1 in the other decider.

Year 1934 saw the birth of Pietà Wolves and in season 1934-35, they took part in the Fourth Division of the MFA league. The Wolves remained active up to 1938-39 when their existence was ended by the Second World War. Pietà Hotspurs were formed in 1949. For 10 years, they competed regularly in the Third Division but their lack of success killed what little interest there was in the club and in 1960 it was disbanded. Eight seasons passed without a club representing Pietà in the league. Then, in 1968, a group of football enthusiasts from the locality decided to revive the team. At first, it was decided that the team would take part only in amateur competitions. They joined IASC where they gained a lot of valuable experience. Then in 1973-74, the chance arose to take part in the MFA minors’ league. The Pietà youngsters did so well that the next season the club sought admission to the National League. The MFA accepted their application and Pietà were placed in the Fourth Division.

From then on, the Hotspurs never looked back. In their first season in the league, Pietà won section B of the Fourth Division without conceding a single goal and they were promoted to the Third Division. In 1975-76, Pietà reached the final of the knock-out competition, losing 0-2 to Għaxaq. In 1982-83, Pietà won the knock-out competition for third and second division clubs after beating Tarxien Rainbows 2-1 in the final. They also narrowly missed promotion to the Second Division after going down 0-2 to Mqabba Hajduks in the decider.
Then, in 1983-84, Pietà once again reached the knockout final but this time they were beaten 2-0 by Qormi. In 1984-85, they tasted Second Division football for the first time but the next season they were relegated back to the Third Division. In 1985-85 they contested once again the Second and Third Division knockout final but finished on the losing side. This time they were beaten by Żebbuġ Rangers.

In 1990-91 they clinched promotion to the Second Division after beating Rangers by the odd goal in five in a promotion decider. The 1990s brought about a great change in the club’s fortunes. In 1991-92, Pietà Hotspurs won promotion to the First Division and in 1993-94, they went one step further and moved up the ladder to the Premier Division. However, their first stay in the top flight was rather short and after only one year, they were back in the First Division. Having gained valuable experience during their short spell in the Premier League, Pietà won the 1995-96 Division One league. This time their stay in the top division lasted longer but two seasons ago they suffered relegation to Division One. In 2009/10, the Hotspurs just managed to keep their place in Division One after prevailing in a relegation decider with St Patrick. Having one of the best Academy on the island, Pietà have produced several valid players who have gone on to make a name for themselves in local football.

This is not our first time at the Dana Cup. Our 1st participation was in 2001. Since then we have been participating nearly every year.

Our main goals for this years Dana Cup 2019 are similar to the ones we had in the previous years. Mainly we would like to give the best opportunity to all the boys who will be participating in this years tment. We will have 6 teams participating in different boys categories. Obviously we are aiming at obtaining the best possible results and performances as well.

We support Global Goal 4 – Quality Education - Read more about the Global Goals here

Facebook: @pietahfc

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