22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
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We are going to #DanaCup2019


The club "Association Sportive Francilienne Le Perreux 94" was founded in 1896. Gabriel Hanot a French international player, Journalist for the newspaper " L'Equipe" and Selector from the National French team between 1945 and 1949, has played 4 years in the club. He has also participated in the very first European Champions League. The club is located in a suburb, close to Paris, with 22 teams and 540 players wearing our colors. We have a close relationship with AC Milan, who organize a 3 day training session for young players on our training fields and this year it will be held in June.

We have participated 5 times in the Dana Cup Hjørring with a B15 team. The first time was in 1994 where we only just lost in the semi-final against Pequeninos do Jockey from Brazil. We also play in other tournaments in Scandinavia. Playing in an international tournament is a good experience for the players and coaches who meet many different teams from all around the world - different nations, cultures and it's very good socially too.

We will represent our country with dignity and humility. We hope to show good football and have the best results in this tournament. We support the Global Goal Number 16 "Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions"- Read more about the Global Goals here

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We are going to #DanaCup2019


We played in the Dana Cup Hjørring last year with an under 12 girls team called GVL Løkken/TSI Stenum, this team was a brand new partnership. The girls used to play against each other but could not form two strong teams, so they decided to merge together into a partnership. The once rivals on the playing field are now friends and have a fantastic team spirit. The partnership has given us the possibility to have some amazing football experiences together and the Dana Cup Hjørring is one of them.

Last year we played with a U12 girls team and a U11 boys team. GVL Løkken have participated over numerous year and Dana Cup Hjørring has always been a part of our local community. Løkken School is used to accommodate teams during the tournament and there are many individuals from our club who are volunteers during the Dana Cup Hjørring tournament.

We are looking forward to feeling that amazing atmosphere during the Dana Cup Hjørring. All from the check-in to the final games. Happy and always smiling volunteers, happy footballers and fantastic football matches held within unparalleled settings.

Good health and well-being is a natural choice when you think of the Dana Cup Hjørring, with all the motion and smiles during the event. For me, girls football is a huge catalyst for "Gender Equality" which we support. It is the struggles for the girls football out in the clubs, which is a constant source of wanting to make a difference.

Girls football is undergoing a huge change throughout the world and as this happens there are many issues affecting gender discrimination. These are confronted by something so playful as a round ball. The football and the culture around football becomes the lever for positive development of equality between sexes, as it should be - Read more about the Global Goals here

Facebook: GVL Løkken-TSI Stenum


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We are going to #DanaCup2019


Bjarg IL was founded in 1947, today the club is active with different sports – gymnastics, handball, football and athletics. Our football department has just over 1.000 members with just under 100 teams registered to play in 2018.

Bjarg IL has participated in the Dana Cup numerous times, a total of 34 teams over 11 years.

For us, the Dana Cup is a social arena where we build the team spirit and cohesion. We believe that participating in a huge summer tournament like the Dana Cup, develops our players, coaches and club in a positive manner. We get to know each other better and enjoy sporting experiences together – victories and losses.

First of all we would like say that all of the 17 Global Goals are important but if we must choose one that is important for us, we would choose Goal number 4 – Quality Education. Education for everyone can reduce poverty worldwide, which will give a positive effect towards all of the other Global Goals. - Read more about the Global Goals here

Website: Bjarg IL

Facebook: @ILBjarg

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The World is coming!

Are you ready to show us your style of football this summer?

There are more than 1.000 teams on show - 20.000 participants united to play football on one of the most amazing football arenas in Northern Europe.

Boys B19-B11 and girls G19-G12 – unite together for a soccer festival like no other, an amazing event that should highlight your summer tournament calendar.

Dana Cup Hjørring 22-27 July, 2019

Being on the road with your team mates is a fantastic experience, it is where you truly find your team spirit. We offer you a platform where your players and your team can develop, both as players and as people. You get the opportunity to test your skills against teams from all around the World, while forming long lasting friendships on the sidelines.

Join us this summer for one week of amazing international youth soccer and good times for everyone – our home is your home!

register today 655

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We are going to #DanaCup2019


Common experiences through football

Our club, B36 has a long tradition of sending our youth teams outside of our countries borders to take part in tournaments. The first teams were sent abroard in the start of the 80’s.

We have participated in different tournaments in Denmark and in 1988 we took part in the Dana Cup Hjørring for the very first time. Since 2013 we have participated every year with many teams and again here in 2019 we are registered with 3 youth teams.

There are many reasons why we have become yearly visitors to the Dana Cup.

Geografically the tournament is situated perfect for us with ferry connections between the Faroe Islands and Hirtshals in Denmark. We have also found the organization of the tournament to be very satifactory and when the frame work is perfect, it is easy and convenient to return again and again.

The most important thing for us, however, is that the Dana Cup with its size and diversity guarantees a great experience – sportswise and socially. Players can test themselves against teams of different levels and meeting different nationalities matures our players as human beings.

Participation in the Dana Cup tournament also has a huge affect socially for the club. With a positive affect for each individual team, along with forming friendships between the boys and girls teams and the parents. The club itself is not organizing the trip, it is 100% left to the group of parents in charge of the under 12 players.

The parents and the children, co-operate together with the various initiatives to finance their participation, making it a huge joint project for everyone involved.

Although during the tournament it is important that the parents and the children do not stay together. The players are the true participants and the parents are the supporters.

We support Global Goal number 10 “Reduced Inequalities” - Read more about the Global Goals here

Website: B36

Facebook: @fcb36torshavn

Instagram: @b36torshavn

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Dana Cup shaping up to be a big one

Registrations are rolling in for this summer, so we are super excited and are ready to welcome the World to Hjørring.

Each year we evaluate with you our teams and each new year we are excited to present small updates that sustain the quality of our event, along with enhancing your tournament experience – as your experience is the most important for us.

In 2019 we have updated the digital experience on offer - up to, during and after the tournament – more coming very soon. We are offering 4 new 7:7 classes, which gives a new final program and even more live-streaming. There are also improvements around the accommodations on offer and much more behind the scenes. So the tournament platform is more than ready for your visit this summer.

We have just returned from promotions in USA, Mexico, US Virgin Islands and will head to Poland in the start of February with more to come. It is important to keep our relations with existing teams and search for new teams wishing to experience one of the most amazing youth football tournaments on offer. An exciting note from our travels and also from the registrations we have received so far, is the increase in the number of girls teams - #WePlayStrong #WomensFootball truly on the rise worldwide.

Apart from offering a unique international youth soccer tournament over 5 days with more than 1.000 teams from 45 nations, we also have social side events for our participants. We have an event area, which is free of charge for all participants – here you will find different activities presented by our partners. A social meeting place between games to have fun or simply relax with your teammates or your new friends from other teams.

You can also enjoy:

Fårup Sommerland – which is in the top 3 best amusement parks in Europe in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. (Discounted tickets to participants)

Nordsøen Oceanarium – Northern Europe’s largest aquarium. (Discounted tickets to participants)

Aquatic Center - Park Vendia in the Dana Cup Center Area – 50-meter pool, a fun center, water slide and wellness center, also free of charge for participants.

Dana Cup Information Center – can assist with day trips in and around Hjørring to explore some Danish culture. Visit the local museums and learn more about the Danish Vikings or take a trip to Skagen to see the two oceans meet. Hjørring and Skagen

Welcome to the Dana Cup Hjørring in 2019 from the 22nd to the 27th of July – you and your team are more than welcome. 

Fårup Sommerland

 Nordsøen Oceanarium

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Hurth 1

We are going to #DanaCup2019


We are a little family club from Hürth, near Köln. Our players and coaches on our B16 team have worked together for 8 years now and they are a rea “Team”. After our first participation in the Dana Cup Hjørring in 2016, we knew very well that we would return again.

Our players born in 2003 have participated in the Dana Cup Hjørring 3 times now. In 2018 we were close to victory, so the boys have now decided that in 2019 we will bring the trophy home.

We are preparing as good as we can, so we can tackle the football challenges that come when participating in an international tournament, so we have a chance to win over different opponents. Apart from the football at the Dana Cup Hjørring each year, the event itself, is an unforgettable week for our players and coaches. At the Dana Cup Hjørring 2018, we enjoyed the company of a Spanish guest player Miguel, this was fantastic for us. It was amazing to see how quickly he became a part of our team. Such stories are only experienced at the Dana Cup Hjørring and we look forward to participating for our 4th time in 2019.

We support Global Goal 16 – "Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions". Through our social interaction at the tournament, we wish to contribute to peacefulness and respect to others at the tournament. - Read more about the Global Goals here

Facebook: @bcstotzheim

Hurth 2


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Join us this summer

22-27 July, 2019

Denmarks largest sporting event and the World's third largest youth soccer tournament will once again take place in Hjørring, #Denmark this summer.

We offer a platform for young soccer players to unite and experience passion for football, respect, unity, equality, friendships and much more.

Register for our event this summer online at www.danacup.com

1.100 teams/45 nations each year - A quality youth soccer tournament guaranteed.


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Celtic 1

We are going to #DanaCup2019


Celtic Football Club was founded in 1888 and has a long and illustrious history in Scottish and European football. Celtic is a world renowned club and has supporters all over the globe. Womens football at Celtic began in 2007 and has continued to thrive since then. We now have 140 players within the Womens 1st team and Celtic Girls Academy with several previous and current Scotland youth and full Internationalists.

We went to the Dana Cup for the 1st time in 2018.

At Celtic we continue to strive for success and part of success is winning trophies. We continue to try and win any competition we enter. The development of the players is the most important thing and going to Dana Cup enhances their development and gives them great experience of playing variety of teams from all over the world. Our expectations are that this tournament will continue to enhance the development of our players.

We support Global Goal 4 "Quality of Education" - Read more about the Global Goals here

Website:  Celtic FC

Twitter: @CelticFCWomen

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We are going to #DanaCup2019


Escuela Chivas Veracruz is located in the port of Veracruz, Mexico. Located to the south of the county´s capiltal, city clearly football, our school belongs to the group of subsidiaries of the Club Deportivo Guadalajara and open its doors in 2016 with the purpose of providing real opportunities to young people and children of Veracruz to play football, integral way under the values such as identity, respect, honesty and commitment.

Within the structure of the school is the team B17 that will represent at the Dana Cup, this team is classified to the finals of local tournament and will represent with dignity our school in the international tournament - Escuela Chivas Veracruz.

We support Global Goal 1  "No Poverty" - Read more about the Global Goals here

Facebook: @escuelachivasveracruz


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Gotham girls 1

We are going to #DanaCup2019


For 10 years, New York City's Gotham Girls FC has empowered girls with social and technical soccer skills that grow with them from their formative years through adolescence and beyond. Gotham Girls FC has customized programs that provide the highest quality training for Recreational, Developmental, and Travel-level players. Gotham Girls FC has an experienced, enthusiastic and professionally licensed coaching staff dedicated to inspire confidence, team building, and sportsmanship.

Director of the Developmental Program, Coach Jose Goicochea, reaches into his South American background when he adopts the word "formativo" as the description of our Program. Formativo translates loosely between “training” and “education.” The distinction about the term ‘formative’ versus the more prevalently used terms “development” is that development implies that there is an inherent potential and trainers build up on that. “Formativo” implies that any child can be shaped with the right support on technical, emotional, mental and physical aspect to enjoy the game and that “just let them play soccer” is just that. No one can teach ‘passion’ or ‘heart’, but when a player is taught how to acquire skill and proficiency, the game is fun. It is “just let them play soccer but with a purpose”.

This is our first time participating in the Dana Cup

Gotham Girls FC is excited to participate in the Dana Cup for the first time and will use the experience to continue to build upon the soccer skills of our girls and the relationships between our players and their teams. We believe that playing in a foreign country against so many teams from around the world will be an incredibly valuable experience for our girls and one that they will never forget.

As New York City's premier Club specializing in development of girls soccer (and now boys soccer as well as of 2016), Gotham Girls FC will pledge to support Goal 5 "Gender Equality" at the 2019 Dana Cup - Read more about the Global Goals here

Gotham Girls FC was developed over 10 years ago specifically to address the issues of gender equality in youth sports in New York City. It is our overall goal to raise awareness of the sport and the resources needed for girls to be successful and to continue to enjoy the game as well as to provide them with a program tailored to their development as players.

Website: Gotham Girls FC

Instagram: @gothamgirlsfc

YouTube: Gotham Girls FC

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