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We are going to #DanaCup2019

National Soccer Academy (NSA) was founded in 1992 with the following mission.
Mission: Use soccer to provide opportunities for personal development and life lessons through impactful cultural exchange. NSA International soccer tours help foster new friendships and create life long memories while providing high level soccer training. NSA welcomes guest players, for more information on how to join feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We came to Dana Cup in 1994, 1995, then annually since 2012.

To bring players and families together to share a great cultural exchange experience through soccer and have lots of fun.

We will play for all 17 Global Goals, we have included them on our website - Read more about the Global Goals here


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We are going to #DanaCup2019


FC Flora, commonly known as Flora Tallinn or simply as Flora - is a professional football club based in Tallinn, Estonia. The team competes in the Meistriliiga, which is the top flight of Estonian football. The club's home ground is A. Le Coq Arena, which was formed in 1990.

Flora were founding members of the Meistriliiga and are one of two clubs which have never been relegated from the Estonian top division, along with Narva Trans. Flora have won more trophies than any other club in Estonian football, with a record 11 Meistriliiga titles, 7 Estonian Cups and a record 9 Estonian Supercups titles.

We were at the Dana Cup in 2016 with a 2001 boys team, here we reached the 1/8 finals losing only to the future winner of the Dana Cup tournament. We play the Dana Cup for attractive opponents, new
emotions, new experiences and new friends.

We will play for the Global Goals: 3 "Good health and well-being", 13 "Climate action", 15 "Life on land"- Read more about the Global Goals here

Website: FC Flora

Facebook: @FCFlora 

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nystadium 11.04.2019

Dana Cup to open on a new stadium

Dana Cup Hjørring 2019 is going to be a very special experience for the thousands of participants, along with our volunteers and supporters who are engaged in the tournament in July. 

Something very special will be seen at the opening of the Dana Cup Hjørring on Monday the 22nd of July. A brand new and modern stadium - Nord Energi Arena - will welcome the participants as they enter the field for the opening ceremony.

The grass is still as green as always but the surroundings are totally renewed.

There is now covered stands on three sides of the stadium. There has been a tremendous amount of work done during the winter and spring, so the Nord Energi Arena can be ready and welcoming when more than 20.000 young footballers unite in Hjørring in July. 

The official "Opening Ceremony" of the Dana Cup Hjørring 2019 is also being revised and renewed. The new arrangements are currently being set in place and updates will come soon. 

More than 20 million is being invested in the innovation of the Nord Energi Arena, which will raise the quality of Hjørring's sports facilities both in the Dana Cup week and the rest of the year when league matches are played at the stadium.

Here you can see the building in action from the Nord Energi Arena.

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Jette Andersen to concentrate 100% on the Dana Cup

The Director of the Dana Cup Hjørring, Jette Andersen has decided to concentrate 100% on the Dana Cup tournament. After 29 years as Chairman of Fortuna Hjørring, Jette Andersen is handing over the position to Birgit Christensen.

- The amount of work around the organization of the Dana Cup is increasing and in order for me to perform satifactory for myself and for the Dana Cup, it is necessary to be available full time, says Jette Andersen.

- With just 3 and a half months to go to the start of the tournament, we are extremely busy in our office. It will only be more and more intense within the coming months, culminating when we kick off on the 22nd of July.

- It is going very well with registrations to the tournament, so participating numbers are on the rise once again. 

- This places a high demand on all of us within the organization but one thing is certain and that is that our participants will have an amazing experience as always this summer.


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#DanaCupUnited for #Respect and #FairPlay

* Denmark's largest sporting event
* The World's third largest youth soccer tournament
* The World's most international youth tournament with 90% foreign teams
* 20,000 participants – along with 10,000 parents and supporters

We offer a platform for young soccer players to unite and experience their passion for football, respect, unity, equality, friendships and much more. 

With this comes responsibility, through the #DanaCupUnited campaign; we want to raise awareness around Respect and FairPlay. Two very simple words, which play a major role on the playing field, off the playing field and within all aspects of life. 

We ask all participants – players, coaches, leaders, parents, supporters and the local community to show Respect and FairPlay and take their responsibility by actively contributing to the #DanaCupUnited campaign. 

#DanaCupUnited – We promise to contribute in creating a safe environment, where we treat each other with Respect and where we show FairPlay on and off the field.

#football #respect #unity #equality #friendships #memories #equalgame


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We are going to #DanaCup2019


We are a team of Girls 14 born in 2005 from Malvik, just on the outskirts of Trondheim in the middle of Norway. Malvik IL Fotball is a sub-department of Malvik IL. There are many members playing football in Malvik IL Fotball from children under 7 years of age up to senior teams. Malvik IL just recently (in 2018) celebrated its 85th anniversary.

It is the first time we will participate in the Dana Cup Hjørring.

Our goasl and expectations participating in the Dana Cup are first of all to have a fun time together and to build the team spirit and companionship. On the sporting side, we are looking forward to some good games against exciting teams and hopefully from other countries and cultures than the teams we normally play against here at home. We normally play 9:9 football here at home, so we are little excited to see how it is to play 11:11 at the Dana Cup Hjørring.

We are really looking forward to the experience this summer, as Dana Cup has been a goal of ours for a while now.

Website: Malvik IL

Instagram: Malvik IL

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Play it 28.03

We are going to #DanaCup2019


We are a very young football club that was formed in 2015. Our goal is to coach young football players individually with certified coaches.

In 2019 it will be the 18th time that I participate in the Dana Cup Hjørring and the 3rd time with Juniors. I participated for the very first time with FC Düren Niderau and in 1987 we held the winning trophy. Since that time, the Dana Cup Hjørring has been something very special for me. My goal in the final, is something I dream about the night before the opening ceremony.

The goal of the Dana Cup is insignificant, as I have experienced how hard it is to get a victory over 18 years. It is much more important to remember the experiences with friends, so many of our friendships today have a common history.

I participate in the Dana Cup Hjørring with my club, to show the players from Juniors how much you can achieve through football without always winning.

We support Global Goal 4 "Quality Education" - Read more about the Global Goals here

Website: Play-it Junior e.V. 

Facebook: @juniors2015

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Photo: Carrier Jørn Pedersen (right) together with Michael Nielsen, Director of the Danish Carrier Organization, demonstrated effective brakes in 2018 and the same control procedure will take place again in 2019.

1st class buses ready for the Dana Cup 2019

Top rated buses with safety as the highest priority are ready to transport Dana Cup participants from their arrival points to the schools and around between the playing fields in the Northern part of Vendsyssel, where there will be played around 2.500 football games this July.

In 2017 the transport was less efficient, as several buses were detained by the traffic police. The Dana Cup tightened up the transport in 2018 and the tournament was held without any buses being detained. 

- Last year we decided to make a new partnership with Jørns Busrejser from Brønderslev and it has shown to be the perfect solution. Together with his carrier organization, Jørn Pedersen, along with other new implemetations ensured that all buses running the daily routes had an early morning brake test. There were also special requirements set in place for all of the other bus companies who supplied buses to Jørn Pedersen. This ensured a perfect transport solution during the week and our participants were very happy and once again in 2019 the quality of the transport will be just as high - says Director Jette Andersen from the Dana Cup Hjørring. 

Dana Cup has made a two year agreement with Jørns Busrejser to secure quality, confidence and safe bus transport for all of our participants and their families. 

- We had a fantastic experience at the Dana Cup in 2018 and we are looking forward to sending our buses back on the road to transport the Dana Cup participants. It will be just as good or even better than 2018 says Carrier, Jørn Pedersen.

- I have talked with my colleagues and there is a lot of interest to supply buses to the Dana Cup 2019 - so it will be fantastic!

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We are going to #DanaCup2019


Each summer young football players from Düren in Germany take part in the Dana Cup and once again in 2019 the 1. FC Düren will be a part of the Dana Cup tournament.

1. FC Düren, formally known as FC 08 Düren – Niederau e.V. The new club was founded in the summer of 2018 and it unites two traditional football clubs from Düren, FC 08 Düren – Niederau and GFC Düren 99.

As FC 08 Düren – Niederau we have participated 31 times at the Dana Cup. Our first time was in 1985 and this year it will be our 33rd Dana Cup tournament, the second time as 1. FC Düren.

As FC 08 Düren – Niederau, we have won the Dana Cup 5 times in different age groups. Many silver and bronze medals completed our successful participations. Last year we won our first bronze medal as 1. FC Düren and once again this year we go motivated and ambitious to start.

As FC 08 Düren – Niederau we are a member of the “Club 100” at the Dana Cup and two years ago our youth leader Ingo Müller was honoured with the Dana Cup Honor Award.
We are looking forward to the summer and we are already happy to be part of the Dana Cup 2019 - Dana Cup has become our second home!

We support Global Goal 13 Climate Action because the protection of our environment is one of the most important goals in the world at this time. - Read more about the Global Goals here

Website: 1. FC Düren

Facebook: @FCDueren

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We are going to #DanaCup2019


Andheri Football Academy is an academy that has worked, for the last 11 years with youth football development in Mumbai. Our academy started with 5 students and now we have more than 500 students in total.

Participating in the Dana Cup Hjørring has been a tradition in our club for the last 11 years. It is our dream tournament for all of our students and officials.

We know very well that the Dana Cup Hjørring is the best tournament for the development of youth footballers. It is also the best platform for developing world friendship and developing match temperament for youth footballers. We always try to match the world’s best talented youth footballers with our small boys from India.

This year we are going to try and make our best performance so far, we are travelling with boys under 11, under 12 and under 14 boy.

We support Goal  4 "Quality Education" - Read more about the Global Goals here

 Facebook: Andheri FA

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News 14.11.2018

Dana Cup Hjørring = Good times!

The 1st of May is the deadline to register for our prestigious Dana Cup Hjørring 2019 tournament. 

Registrations are rolling in from all around the World so make sure you secure your spot in our amazing event and register today. 

Dana Cup Hjørring is definitely the place to be this summer if your looking for a quality tournament that promises you fantastic football matches on lush green fields and good times together with your team mates. 

4 new 7:7 classes, a new tournament system via Cup Manager and a brand new App is not all that is happening this summer.

There are also some major updates and changes around some of our events during the week - our opening ceremony, leader party and together with our major partners New Balance and SPORTMASTER it is going to be fun filled week not only on the field but also off the field at our event area. More updates are coming very soon.

Welcome to the Dana Cup Hjørring – Registration for 2019


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