22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
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Photo: Hjørring Stadium

We will be ready


Registrations for the Dana Cup 2015 are now closed. Never before have we welcomed so many teams. 1.139 teams are entered today but we will have less than this number. From our experience we will loose some of these teams but we are almost certain that it will be a new record when the Dana Cup is played from Monday the 20th to Saturday the 25th of July, 2015.

We made a new record in 2014 with 1.011 teams from 45 nations and at this time we have 1.139 teams from 49 nations.

We know that a new record gives great demands to us all and there are many things that need to be ready when everyone arrives. It will not only be a new record year but an almost new Dana Cup. 

Constructions workers are working at full speed in these days to finish off a brand new dining hall and new stadium to welcome everyone. 

The eating tents in the Dana Cup center area have been replaced by a 2.500 square meter hall – FiberHallen - where participants twice a day will enjoy our nutritious meals. 

At the Hjørring Stadium, there is a beautiful new grandstand with changing facilities being finished off for the Dana Cup Opening Ceremony and finals. 

It is demanding to implement these "Facelifts" in sporting areas but we have no doubts, that it will be fantastic and that the magnificent new facilities will make huge improvements for Dana Cup traditions to live on through. 

All of the construction work will be finished, so we will be ready for when you arrive!



Photo: FiberHallen

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