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Photo: YOPP Girls Ghana

Ghana supported by Dana Cup and Fortuna


We are now seeing the results of our efforts made at the Dana Cup 2014.

It is Fortuna Hjørring´s national team player and captain, Sofie Junge Pedersen who is co-operating with DGI Midtjylland. On the other end of the project in the North of Ghana we have established a girls soccer team. 

At the Dana Cup 2014 Ben & Jerry's donated the profits from their ice-cream sales, DKK 14.000 towards our chosen project. The money is now sent to Ghana, where they will cover the costs of the project for the next 15 months. The money really makes a huge difference!

Sofie Junge Pedersen is working to secure the project in the future too.

- We are closely working together with YOPP, the organization in the North of Ghana who started this development project, says Sofie Junge Pedersen.

- The project is based around a girls soccer team called "YOPP Girls" and the goal is to get more girls active in sport. Girls in Ghana, due to traditions and religious challenges, have often been denied the opportunity to take part in sport. 

The goal of involving girls in sport is to enhance their social, economic and development within the community that will benefit the entire Ghanian society. The girls team is made up of the best female players found within the nine YOPP villages and apart from their own personal development they will act as role models for other girls. The girls on the team are supported with materials, they receive quality training, play in different tournaments, along with education of english, math and social studies. This is what the DKK 14.000 from the Dana Cup will be assisting over the next 15 months. 

YOPP is an organization in the North of Ghana who work to give young people the opportunity to realize their potential, strengthen their influence in the community and ensure that both the local communities and the young people are developing. 

In 2010, DGI Midtjylland united with YOPP and a smaller organization called DYA to create a project called "Sport as a tool for development". It was launched in the villages of Tolon and Kumbungu in the North of Ghana. The goal of the project was to develop a sports and club culture to create a united community that can use the platform to strengthen young peoples influence and participation in the developement of the community. It is from this association of Sport as a tool for development that we have created the YOPP Girls project. 

- Dana Cup and Fortuna Hjørring are very excited to join this co-operation with YOPP and DGI Midtjylland to support these girls, says the Chairman of Fortuna Hjørring and Director of the Dana Cup, Jette Andersen.

- We are pleased to contribute to this project and to help girls through football who in turn can support their local community and we look forward to following the teams efforts to secure sporting, personal and community development in Ghana.   


Photo: YOPP Girls Ghana

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