22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

 Satellites Control the Line Marker Machine

 After a couple of years of focus on a shared idea, Anders Ulrik Sørensen and Andreas Ydesen are almost ready to sell the world's first GPS-guided line maker machine. On Thursday at 11.30 am a well-tried prototype will be presented to a group of invited guests in an area in front of Fortuna's clubhouse. The two local inventors, who already hold a Danish patent for the line marker machine, expect it to be on the marked in November or December.

'With our GPS-guided machine customers can line a football pitch in about 30 minutes, and while most people today use 10 to 15 litres of paint, our machine only uses two litres,' explain Anders Ulrik Sørensen and Andreas Ydesen, who have started a close cooperation with the company Linemark from the town of Vejle in Denmark. Linemark will marked and sell the machine Intelligent One together with the company's other products.

Even though the machine is not yet for sale, both football clubs and municipalities are very interested and positive.

'In most cases the municipalities own the areas which the football clubs use. Therefore, the support of the municipalities is important. Actually, a couple of large municipalities with many football pitches have already shown interest. Besides the municipalities we have also contacted all the clubs in the best Danish league,' add the two, who stress that the machine can be used for more things than just football pitches.

'By reprogramming the software the machine can also be used for American football, baseball or other sports that need lining. '

Intelligent One is going to cost around 150,000 Danish kroner – an amount; one has to compare with the use of man-hours and use of paint.

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