22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

 Enthusiasm Great in Canadian Girls Team

 The Canadian girls team Heads United Spartans from the area around Toronto participates in Dana Cup in class G 17 for the first time.

'We are a very young team. I would say that 11 of our 15 players are under 16. Not a whole bunch of skill but hard work; a typical Canadian kind of soccer,' states coach Michael Kagolsky and underlines that the girls are very happy because they are enjoying themselves.

'So far, we have had a very good impression of the tournament. We enjoyed the opening ceremony last night. It was very nice to see all the teams. It was beautiful going down through the town. The girls enjoyed it, because they talked about it all last night. Hopefully, we'll do ok. We're a competitive team, but I understand that there are a lot of very good teams. We are here for more experience,' Michael states.

As a matter of fact, the Canadian girls are going to stay in Europa for 10 days. When Dana Cup finishes they will travel to Hamburg in Germany.

'From here we're going to do a homestay in Germany, Hamburg, spending time with a family there. They have got a lot of nice little things set up for us. However, the girls have already done Skagen. We got to step in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea at the same time. The people have been great. People here in Denmark are beautiful. Very similar to Canadians; just communication and friendliness,' Michael smiles.

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