22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

 Expertise on a Young Pitch

 These days the former British BBC correspondent Bill Hamilton passes on his expertise as referee. He has participated in Dana Cup 18 times.

'I'll be 72 in September. I was the youngest referee in Scotland when I started age 14,' explains Bill Hamilton, who had the great honour to referee a representative game at Wembley two or three years after the opening.

'I was so excited. I jumped into the attic and I found all my old referee notebooks going back to 1957,' smiles Bill Hamilton while adding that he has refereed about 2.200 games.

'If a referee is fit, he runs on average 5 miles pr. game. That is around 10.000 miles and, so, I said to myself: "Bill, you have now reached Perth in Western Australia. But at your age, how the hell do you come back again?"' laughs Bill Hamilton, who is also happy to see that Dana Cup has invested money in the new stadium and sport halls, herewith reinvesting in the game.

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