22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
Fair Play2015

 Fair Play Trophies Handed out

 The jury at Dana Cup 2015 have decided that this year's Fair Play trophy goes to Darlington Fusion S.C. in class G 17. According to the jury the team has always turned up to the games in good mood and shown kindness toward everybody. Moreover, as a nice gesture the team has handed in nine bags full of sport shoes and clothes and asked Dana Cup to pass the things on to a suitable club.

Among the boys the trophy goes to Rakkestad IF in class B14. The jury has explained that when Salam Zgharta from Lebanon could not get to a game on time on Tuesday due to a cancelled airplane, Rakkestad right away agreed to play on Wednesday instead despite already having to play another two games. The team could have won the game 3-0 without a match, but the game was then played on Wednesday instead. Rakkestad even lost 3-0. Moreover, the result meant that Rakkestad did not make it to the A end game.

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