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COP Colombia

Photo: Cop Colombia Internacional 

Cop Colombia Internacional from Colombia - B19

Tell us briefly the history of your club/team?

Cop Colombia Internacional (Constructors of Peace International), was born in 1998, out of the ideas and efforts of Gerson Andrés Flórez Pérez, an 11 years old child, nominated two times for the Nobel Peace Prize and winner of the Global Prize for Peace and Tolerance, received in the seat of the UN in New York. Today the International Relations Director of Constructors of Peace, Gerson wrote a peace proposal and composed the lyrics of a song that gave name to the foundation.

GENERAL OBJECTIVE - Offering spaces for beneficial use of spare time to Bogotan boys, girls and youngsters, through sport and cultural areas, to construct collective development and empowering settings that contribute to the restitution of their rights, their life projects and the prevention of their recruitment and social ills.

Is it your first time at the Dana Cup if not how many times has your club participated?

Will be our first participation in Dana Cup 2016.

What are your goals and expectations for the Dana Cup 2016?

Our objectives in Dana Cup are: To present our social project through football, showing the importance of fair play, make friends and obviously be champions of this tournament.

Check out Cop Colombia Internacional on Facebook here and on Google Drive here

Cop Colombia Internacional, Cristian Andres Soto Guzman - Welcome to the Dana Cup 2016.

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