22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

 South Korea and St. Croix at City Hall

 In keeping with tradition at Dana Cup, two teams were selected for the official welcome at Hjørring City Hall, where the mayor of Hjørring Arne Boelt offered refreshments and gifts. However, before the reception representatives of the two teams lit the torch at City stage along with the mayor to symbolise that that the world's third largest youth football tournament has started.

This year the honour fell to Rising Star from South Korea and VIAYSO from St. Croix, representing girls and boys respectively at Dana Cup, as director of the tournament, Jette Andersen, stressed at the reception at Hjørring City Hall.

Jette Andersen welcomed the players to the world's most international football tournament, which 1,157 teams from 50 nations visit this year.

Mayor Arne Boelt also welcomed the players to Hjørring stressing that the town looks forward to welcoming more than 25,000 visitors.

Moreover, a representative from Rising Star explained that the team consists of players from different countries. The parents work in South Korea and, typically, the children are in an international school.

Similarly, a representative of VIAYSO stated that the team is made up of players from different countries in the Caribbean as well as from most of the USA. VIAYSO participates in Dana Cup for the first time in B14 and B19.

For the mayor, there was a fine gift, which among other things consisted of a bottle of rum produced in the Virgin Islands.

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