22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

 Trip Home Already Planned

 While the teams currently play the first matches at this year's Dana Cup, the tournament's department of transport is already busy putting together the final pieces of the big puzzle that is the transport home of the many thousands of players and managers.

'On Friday we'll send information to the schools about the details of the transport of the teams,' said head of transport, Jørgen Nielsen, at the tournament's first meeting with the schools.

Jørgen Nielsen also mentioned that on Monday 73 buses set off to pick up players and managers in order to take them to the schools.

'Every day 49 buses run on 19 routes from the schools to the centre area and from there to the 70 football fields that we use at this year's Dana Cup. We encourage teams to leave early, so that they are sure to turn up on time for the game,' Jørgen Nielsen stressed.

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