22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

 Norwegian Teams Won the Fair Play Trophies

 Fair Play is part of the DNA, which Dana Cup is based. Consequently, each year two teams – one girls and one boys – are nominated for showing Fair Play. It may be on the football pitch, in the school where they live or in the centre area.

At Dana Cup 2016 the Fair Play trophy goes to Forus & Gausel IL B13 from Norway.

The rationale is as follows:

In a game the opponents had a shot at Forus & Gausel's goal. It was then the referee's opinion that the ball went past the goalpost, but Forus & Gausel's goalkeeper immediately made the referee aware of the fact that there was actually a hole in the net and that the opponents had in fact scored.

Subsequently, the referee found out that there was indeed a hole in the net and all the players on the Norwegian team agreed that the goalkeeper had done the right thing.

Moreover, the guards at Højene School said that the Norwegian team always showed nice behaviour and, as a consequence, the players had been role models for the other teams staying in the school.

The girls Fair Play trophy 2016 goes to Nymark IK in class G15.

The rationale is as follows:

During the tournament the team has shown great helpfulness when playing. In one of the games the ball disappeared into the scrub. Despite having kicked the ball into the scrub, the players from the other team were unwilling to search for the missing ball. Nymark's players, however, were very positive and invited everyone to participate in the search. Everybody took part and the game could be resumed. Additionally, during the game the players did not question the referee's decisions and the game was therefore played in a very friendly manner.

Moreover, in Muldbjergskolen where several of Nymark's teams stay, the school guards say that all the teams have behaved nicely and have been a good example to others.

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