22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

Kasper Poulsen has passed away

Fortuna and Dana Cup have lost one of it's best and most valued employee. Kasper Poulsen has passed away, 47 years of age.
Kasper is from Aalborg, he grew up in an area of football fields in the south of the city. His interest for football was awakened in his childhood years and it became an interest that would stay with him throughout his life. He started his interest for football in Aalborg, two clubs called Chang and B52 and later he moved on to Fortuna Hjørring and the clubs "support club" the Dana Cup. At a young age, Kasper became a driver for a transport company, Samson in Aalborg. As he did his work here, his free time was used to coach in B52.
Kasper liked to see results, so it meant a lot for him to work closer with upcoming talents and elite players. In 1993 he started working as a coach for Fortuna in the Danish Series. His heart was in Fortuna and he gradually became more and more involved in the administration and operations in the club. It was both on the field and in the clubhouse that the hundreds of Fortuna club members came in contact with an enthusiastic and humorous Kasper Poulsen. Kasper was highly appreciated within Fortunaa, so he pursued an adult office training and was employed by the Dana Cup. Kasper's talent for organization and servicing, lead him to take over more and more of these kind of tasks within the Dana Cup. At the same time, Fortuna drew from his enormous knowledge of football organization, tournament rules etc.
Over the latest years, among other duties, Kasper Poulsen was responsible for the co-operation with the many clubs that are affiliated with the Dana Cup, communication with the tournament's referees and to convey positive contact with the organizations many volunteers. It was also of great value when Kasper participated in football conventions and sales work around the World. He thouroughly enjoyed marketing the Dana Cup and there are hundreds of football leaders from all around the World including USA and Norway who have benefited and enjoyed Kaspers visit and engagement. It was also Kasper, who was responsible for the extensive logistics and organization of the Champion League games that Fortuna participate in. 
The trade mark for Kasper's management of these tasks, was that they were driven home with conciousness and commitment. All around, Kasper serviced his many contacts so they had a fantastic relationship with him and not at least with Fortuna and the Dana Cup. Kasper's irrepressible humor and optimism helped to make sure that things were done seriously and cheerfully. Kasper could always assist in turning a difficult situation into a good one. 
There are many who will miss Kasper and it will be particularly hard for Kasper's colleagues. It is not just a group of colleagues but close friends. Many feel that the central Dana Cup leader group is a close knit family. Kasper's death is a huge loss for this family and he will be dearly missed. 
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