22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

U.S. Virgin Islands Competes at the Dana Cup


For the second year running the Virgin Islands American Youth Soccer Organisation (VIAYSO) U19 soccer team participates in Dana Cup. What is more, earlier in the spring the St. Croix AYSO hosted The St. Croix International Centennial Soccer Tournament, where teams from the V.I. and Denmark played a number of friendlies. The team is very happy to take part in the Dana Cup, because they like being exposed to the game at the next level.

’We come from an island where we only have four men’s teams and, thus, the boys’ exposure to the game is very limited. With only four teams they have a high school season with only 9 games. And for us to come here and play without being outplayed by anybody is an accomplishment in itself ’ says coach Yohannes Worede and adds that it is good to know that they can put up a fight. This afternoon, the team from St. Croix lost 1-2 to Norwegian Odds BK, despite a brave fight.


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