22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

G17 Summit


When Fortuna Hjørring and KoldingQ met Friday morning in the semi-final in class G17, it was a Danish summit. Both clubs are among the best four clubs in the Danish 3F League and at youth level both teams also play in the best league.
’Prior to the summer holiday, we won the Danish championship in our age group and, luckily, all the players are here at Dana Cup,’ says Kolding’s head coach, Jesper Bisgaard, who naturally regrets loosing 2-1 to Fortuna.
’My job is to ready the players for the next level in Danish football and practice the style of football that we would like to play in KoldingQ. We like to pass the ball instead of kicking it, but there is no answer book in football and one way of playing is not better or more correct than another. Actually, I think that we saw two ways of playing the game today,’ Jesper Bisgaard says.
On the other side of the centreline Fortuna Hjørring’s head coach was obviously more satisfied.
’It was a kind of summit, and I think that it is great that we are able to play so well knowing that we played three games yesterday. So did KoldingQ but my players also had to work in the kitchen, clean or had other duties at Dana Cup. I think that fact puts the result in perspective.’
Henrik Larsen agrees with Jesper Bisgaard that the many spectators witnessed some of the best Danish girls’ football.
‘We have 5-6 national players and so does KoldingQ,’ says Henrik Larsen, who admits that he has an important task of building on the foundation that coaches in U16 and U14 make and, thereby, preparing the best for both the 3F League and perhaps even the national team.

‘ When the players come to me, I expect, not least, that the technical skills are all right. We continue practicing skills, but certainly also tactical understanding,’ he emphasises. Having won the game, Fortuna Hjørring plays the final in G17 tonight in Nord Energi Arena.


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