22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

Stadtlohn Sus 1920 (GER) – Gneist IL (NOR) 4-5 (0-0) after extra time and penalty shootout

So far, this game has been the finals’ only 0-0 draw after regular playing time. Despite an intense fight with lots of hard tackling, the boys from German Stadtlohn Sus 1920 and Norwegian Gneist IL failed to create any real chances in ordinary (50 min) or extra time (2 times 5 min).

Then, in order to determine the winner of the final the game ended with a penalty shootout. Gneist IL won the penalty kicks by scoring one goal more than Stadtlohn. Despite not creating any chances, the match was still the game of the finals with the most goals.

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