22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

We are going to #DanaCup2019

Hello Denmark - hello Dana Cup!

We are the U12 team, SV Rugenbergen of 1925 e.V. in Bönningstedt near Hamburg. The SV Rugenbergen operates an intensive youth work and offers over 300 children the opportunity to play football in all performance categories. As RUG-Express 2007, we represent our club and the Hamburg Football Association. Many of our boys have been playing together as a team since they were 5 years old. During this time, we have integrated many new players and have a great community. We play many tournaments nationally and internationally and are always looking forward to new experiences. In addition to the sporting development, the team spirit is our priority, because a strong team needs a strong cohesion.

In 2018, we attended the Dana Cup for the first time. For the boys it was a great experience to compete with teams from all over the world and celebrate a big football festival. In the end, we were only just eliminated in the quarterfinals but were the only team with long resistance to the later winner Cantolao from Peru with only a 2:3 loss. The boys are very, very happy to be back in 2019.

We are primarily looking to experience a great team event again and to gain new experiences. The Dana Cup, with its festival of different countries and cultures, is an outstanding event that will forever be in the boys' minds. Even the opening ceremony with the march through the city is an experience of a special kind. Of course, the boys also have the goal to improve their result from last year.

We support Global Goal 17 Partnerships for the Goals and Global Goal 1 No Poverty.

Global Goals is a great initiative. Good that the Dana Cup is committed to this. By bringing together many young people from around the world at a major football tournament, the foundation will be laid for intercultural exchange for the participating children. Together and without reservations to celebrate a football party. Is there a better way to reduce reservations and distances? Basically, it is up to the parents and coaches to sensitize the boys to all the content of the Golden Goals and to point out what each one can do to preserve our world. We stand for mutual respect, sporting fairness and good cooperation. No matter who faces us, where they come from and which skin color they have. We should all stand up for all the goals of the Global Goals, because only when the world and its inhabitants work hand in hand at the goals they can be implemented.     



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