Ottestad 09.05

We are going to #DanaCup2019


Ottestad is found inland by the Lake Mjøsa in Norway. The club turned 100 years in 2018 and it includes football, floorball, handball, cross country skiing, cykling and volleyball. Football is the largest sector with 730 members and 50 teams.

We have heavily invested in the girls sector the latest years and are proud that Ottestad now has 17 girls teams in total and a new womens team playing in the 2. division. At the same time we also have players playing on the young national teams here in Norway. Our girls 14 are 25 players in total, playing in two teams, one team in the 1. divsion and the other team in the 2. division. We are very happy to keep these girls playing the game for so long.

It is our second time taking part in the Dana Cup Hjørring. The first time was in 2018 and we were very happy with the tournament. Otherwise our club has taken part for many years, it is a yearly tradition to travel to Hjørring. This year we will travel with 110-120 players on 7 teams in total. We are happy living together on our school, it strengthens our clubs solidarity.

For us from Ottestad Fotball, the Dana Cup Hjørring is an amateur tournament. At this moment we will travel with a G14 team and 23 players. We all agree that during the Dana Cup Hjørring, the social aspect is of the highest priority, so everyone will get the same amount of playing time on the field.

Global Goals
It is difficult for us to choose just one goal, since all of the goals are important but we have decided on two goals. The first goal is Gender Equality. In football alone, you can see that boys and girls have different opportunities. It is one thing in Norway but in other countries it is still unacceptable for girls to actually play football. Here in our club, we have placed a lot of focus on the girls game over the last few years, showing huge improvements and development. Our club has also been awarded prizes for our work within the girl’s/women’s game.

Another goal that is important for us, is to stop climate change. Many of our girl’s took part in the school strike on Friday the 22nd of March, inspired by Greta Thunberg. On that day there were organized strikes in many major cities in Norway with 40.000 young people taking part in the protests  - Read more about the Global Goals here

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