22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
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Record-Cup requires many Sleeping Places

When football players, managers and coaches of 921 teams are to be accommodated, it requires many sleeping places. Kasper Poulsen, who is in charge of accommodation, has thus managed to find sleeping places in the local schools for almost 20.000 participants.

'Naturally, when Dana Cup 2013 has a record breaking number of 921 teams, it creates some challenges, especially, since Ulvkærskolen in Hirtshals has closed and Hjørring Private Realskolen is being renovated. Luckily, we have a unique cooperation with the municipality of Hjørring and a number of key figures in the local area, which means that we found room for everybody – and we could have managed another 20 teams,' Kasper Poulsen smiles.

'The mayor of Hjørring, Arne Bolt, took the initiative suggesting that Dana Cup should be allowed to use Rakkeby Skole despite it being used as administration while the town hall of Hjørring is being rebuild. Therefore, the mayor decided that the administration of the municipality should move out of the building a couple of weeks before planned creating space for Dana Cup,' explains Kasper Poulsen, who has had a great cooperation with everybody at Hjørring municipality.

In the small village of Astrup, which is situated seven-eight km. outside Hjørring, the entire village is ready to accommodate players and coaches. Here the village lets almost 20 teams use the local kinder garden, school, the scout hut and sports centre.

'Moreover, the employees in the local schools have been able to find extra classes that we may use. It has been a great experience to encounter so much helpfulness,' Kasper Poulsen stresses.

More than 20.000 players, managers and coaches will be accommodated in schools.

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