22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
G12 ny
Vidar in the red jerseys won the first final at Dana Cup in a very interesting game with extra time and a penalty shootout.

 Great Start to Dana Cup Finals

 G12: Donns FK (NOR) - Vidar FK (NOR) 7-8 (1-1) - after extra time and a penalty shootout.

Donns FK and Vidar FK gave each other and the spectators at Hjørring stadium a great start to this year's finals at Dana Cup. After an unusually exciting and well-played game in G12, Vidar won, but Donns might as well have won. Both teams fought to the last drop of blood. None of the players wanted to give up. It was not until after extra time and a penalty shootout that this year's first winners were found.

From the beginning of the game Vidar put lot of pressure on Donns, who nevertheless managed to get back into the game and were dangerous on several counter attacks. After 21 minutes of play, the team went ahead, but then the battle swayed to and fro in an intense and beautiful fight, which promises well for the rest of the finals.

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