22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
Both teams had the will to win.

 Norwegian Final With Few Shots on Goal

 G19: Nidlev IL (NOR) - Trondheim Ørn (NOR) 5 - 6 (0 - 0) after extra time and penalty kicks

Both teams had the will to win but two strong defences prevented Nidlev and Trondheim from creating any big chances in the final in G19. In the first half Trondheim had a single header on goal whereas Nidlev in the second half had two fine shots from the distance.

The rest of the match was full of long balls and both teams defended themselves tooth and nail.

Trondheim Ørn had two huge chances in the beginning of extra time, which might have resulted in goals, and they dominated the rest of the match, thus they should have won.

However, the final was decided with a penalty shootout.

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