22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

Photo: Hugo Petrella from Tucoman in Argentina receiving a special presentation by Director Jette Andersen and Agent Patricia Espinosa.

Hugo wanted to talk with the Dana Cup


The Argentine club man Hugo Petrella from Tucuman 1.000 km north of Buenos Aires wanted to talk with the Dana Cup, who visited Buenos Aires between the 25th and 30th of January. He took a flight from Tucoman and had a good time in the Argentine capital. 

It was primarily the Dana Cup's Latin American Agent, Patricia Espinosa who Hugo Petrella came to Buenos Aires to talk with but it was also a pleasant reunion with Dana Cup's Director, Jette Andersen and Marketing Manager Alison Leigh Forman.

Hugo Petrella has created a huge club in his home town, Tucoman. It is a club that works with social players and not just elite players. For Hugo Petrella, it is very important that his young players have the opportunity to experience what is happening in the rest of the World. He sends his teams to the Gothia Cup in Gothenburg and also to the Piteå Cup in Northern Sweden. Now he is researching the possibilities to come to the Dana Cup in Hjørring. It is possible that teams from Tucoman will already here in 2014 help raise the quality fo football at the Dana Cup.

The Dana Cup is looking forward to a co-operation with the very serious and hard working Argentine.

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