22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

Photo: (From the left) Jette Andersen, Vladimir Makarikhin, Alison Leigh Forman, Evgenii Gennadjevitch Kuklya and his son.

Dana Cup in Vladimir's honor


Vladimir Makarikhin from Rhythm, visited the Dana Cup in Hjørring no less than 22 times with his boys. He was expected again this summer but now his boys and remaining leaders must travel alone without their beloved activist, leader and trainer.

Vladimir Makarikhin has passed away, just 59 years old.

Dana Cup was a high priority event for Vladimir and his Russian team Rhythm. Every year for the last 22 years the teams from Rhythm have travelled for many days from their home town Omsk in Siberia to take part in the Dana Cup in Hjørring.

It was Vladimir Makarakhin who always made the long trip possible.

At home in Omsk he was highly appreciated and respected. He ran his soccer club in an area where the everyday life of his children could be problematic, an area of crime. But Vladimir gave them daily experiences through sport and kept them away from drugs and criminal activities. He was highly respected with the parents too. This was shown just recently at his funeral, where they also spoke about their experiences at the Dana Cup.

The Football Association also respected Vladimir, he was named as the areas best youth trainer.

When Vladimir came to Denmark with his teams he always managed to make good contact with other leaders and the hosts of the Dana Cup, even with the English language being a challenge for him. He had many personal friendships in Hjørring and at the school in Bindslev where Rhythm always stayed while they were in Hjørring. Here he will be greatly missed.

Before he passed away, Vladimir had secured around a third of the funds needed for them to take part in the Dana Cup 2014. The remaining leaders at Rhythm are working hard to secure the final funds for the trip this summer. 

So this years participation at the Dana Cup will be in the memory and honor of Vladimir Makarikhin.

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