22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
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Photo: In the anniversary container you will find a replica of the European Championship trophy that the Danish Mens National Team brought home from Gothenburg in 1992. The original trophy is travelling around but there is a copy on the way to Hjørring. The trophy is surrounded by: From the left: DBU Chairman Jesper Møller, Mette Bach, Løkken, ex national team player from Fortuna and is currently seated on the board at DBU, Jette Andersen, Director at the Dana Cup is also an ex national team player and Fortuna player and the creator of the exhibition is Frits Ahlstrøm, who was the Media Director of UEFA in Switzerland for many years. (Photo: Dana Cup)

DBU's anniversary container will be at the Dana Cup this summer

A golden look back through the 125 year history of the football organization.

Hjørring and the Dana Cup have an extra experience to offer this year. When our record tournament takes place, the exhibition, which has been created in connection with DBU's 125 year anniversary, will be driven to Hjørring and placed in a central area where Dana Cup participants and all other guests can visit the exhibition. 

It is the long time Media Director from UEFA, Frits Ahlstrøm who is the creator behind the exhibition that just might be the start of the first ever Danish Soccer Museum. 

- It is a very exciting exhibition that brings to mind some fantastic Danish soccer memories, along with more traditional but significant things in regards to soccer development in Denmark - says Director of the Dana Cup Jette Andersen. Jette got a chance to preview the exhibition when she attended an open house event that was organized in connection with the anniversary. The event took place in Brøndby at Fodboldens Hus.

At the same time Jette Andersen made an agreement with the chairman of DBU Jesper Møller, who is also from Aalborg to come to Hjørring to open the exhibition. Frits Ahlstrøm will also be in Hjørring.

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Photo: A look inside the container, Jette Andersen admires the shirt that Poul Pedersen had on when he played for the Danish National Team at the Olympics in Rome 1960. (Photo: Dana Cup)

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