22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
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Photo: David Larsen could invite his trainer, Lars Ellegaard and his team mates from Raklev GI to the huge Dana Cup 2014 event. 

SPORTMASTER winner happy


A handfull of players, trainers and leaders from Raklev GI are really looking forward to the Dana Cup 2014. It is the first time a club from Kalundborg on Zealand will take part in the Dana Cup and it is a little bit of a coincidence that it is happening. 

David Larsen from the clubs under 16 team took part in a competition that one of Dana Cup´s main sponsors, SPORTMASTER ran. The prize was: Invite your team to the Dana Cup!

When SPORTMASTER drew the winner of the competition from the hundreds of contestants, it was the answer by David Larsen from Raklev GI, that won. So David could delight his team mates and trainer with an invitation to the Dana Cup.

Raklev GI has two under 16 teams and the team taking part in Hjørring is composed of players from both teams.

Daniel´s trainer, Lars Ellegaard says that the Zealand boys are looking forward to the tournament and the many experiences that will come from being a part of it. When the boys and their trainer are at the Dana Cup, they will take part in many of the activities that are available at the tournament. The Zealand boys are among other things, looking forward to a trip to Fårup Sommerland.

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Photo: Here are some of the boys from Raklev GI's under 16 team that will take part in the Dana Cup in Hjørring. There are high expectations for the experience that the SPORTMASTER competition has opened up for.

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