22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
Parents from Eggebek
Parents from TSV Eintracht Eggebek support their local team

 World Championship Mums

 During Dana Cup many parents have chosen to follow their children to Hjørring in order to support them – both on and off the pitch. Consequently, the parents from the village of Eggebek in Northern Germany are here to support their local team and the ones, who are unable to come keep up to date via text messages.

'Our coaches went to the VIP-evening the other day, where it was once again pointed out that, even if, one wants to win the tournament it is important to be together. Naturally, some teams will find it hard to compete against other teams but, simply, happy to take part in the tournament. Moreover, it is important for everybody, the coaches, volunteers and supporting parents, to have a great time. It is almost a kind of World Championship,' smiles Britta Hansen, who always travels with the team and, as a consequence, is at Dana Cup for the fourth time.

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