22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

 Finns Deserved to Win

 Forus & Gausel IL (NOR) - Nummelan Palloseura (FIN) 0 - 2 (0 - 1)

On a wonderful goal scored directly on a free kick seven minutes before time, Finnish Nummelan Palloseura made sure who was going to win gold in G13.

The second goal was the culmination of a match, which was mostly played in the middle of the pitch without that many chances.

Nummelan Palloseura clearly dominated the game, so they deserved to win. However, Norwegian Forus & Gausel must be praised for believing that they might be able to win and, especially, player nr. 10 fought hard for the Norwegian girls. But in vain!

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