22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
nordenergi boxen

Photo: Dana Cup center with a new facade. When players arrive at the Dana Cup 2015, they will be met by a new facade and a brand new set up into the Dana Cup "portal". 

Vendiahallen demolished to the ground


The last Dana Cup supper or dinner has been taken in the old Vendiahallen, which is almost totally gone but will be rebuilt within the next few months. 

In late October, there will begin the construction of a brand new 2.500 square meter hall, that will be a eating hall during the Dana Cup week and all year round it will be used for sporting activities, exhibitions and much more. 

When the old Vendiahallen is rebuilt, it will appear as a modern sporting hall with different kinds of facilities that are related to many sports. It is the Hjørring Community who are implementing the project to rebuild the Vendiahallen.

The huge new hall, Nord Energi Boxen has come out of a collaboration with the Hjørring Community and Fortuna Hjørring. Hjørring Community owns one third and Fortuna owns two-thirds of the new hall. 

Both halls will be finished before the start of the Dana Cup 2015 and they will constitute a very functional Dana Cup center. 

Throughout the rest of the year, the two halls are one major center that will be fantastic for the many sporting activities and for Sports Tourism in the Hjørring Community. 

Dana Cup, through our website and social media, will be following the building of the two halls up until we welcome participants to the Dana Cup 2015.


Photo: Vendiahallen in ruins. A new hall with many different sporting facilities will be ready before the Dana Cup 2015.

nordenergi boxen1

Photo: On the right hand side, the huge new hall that Fortuna is building together with the Hjørring Community. It is here that the Dana Cup participants will eat their meals in the future.

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