22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

Fortuna and Dana Cup well received


In an attempt to raise an even higher awareness of the Dana Cup with Danish clubs and to give women's football a kick forward, Fortuna coaches and elite players have been visiting a few clubs in Denmark. 

On the 21st of January, two coaches, Flemming Nielsen and Carrie Kveton visited Hillerød and on Wednesday the 28th of January they visited Tarup Paarup IF in Funen. At both events, they gave training sessions and talked about elite football and the coaches received a fantastic welcome from the host clubs. The players, coaches and guests were excited to meet and hear from some of the top people from within Danish Women's Football.

The girls from Zealand and Funen listened with interest to the elite coaches and they had great pleasure in standing face to face with some of Fortuna's biggest talents. In Hillerød, apart from the coaches, you could meet Sofie Junge Pederen and in Funen the girls could talk with Karoline Smidt who is also from Funen and Frederikke Thøgersen.

Together with this unique football experience, Flemming Nielsen talked about the Dana Cup that is closely linked to Fortuna. Flemming Nielsen assists with the marketing of the Dana Cup in Denmark and Germany, apart from his training duties. 

Carrie Kveton and Flemming Nielsen were both very excited for the warm welcome they received in Zealand and Funen. 

We will try and send Fortuna and Dana Cup on the road again a few more times when clubs are interested. 

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