Women's Soccer School Barcelona - G18-19 - Spain


Women’s Soccer School Barcelona was established in June 2017, with the aim to offer the girls a club where they would have the same opportunities as the boys have in their clubs. We only have girls’ teams and over the last three years, we have grown from 60 players to 150 players. We want the girls to have as many experiences as possible inside and outside the field and these include participating in a tournament like the Dana Cup.

It is our first time competing in the tournament.

Our goals are to discover other cultures, other football playing styles and to be able to show how we understand football.

We are working for gender equality in our society; this was one of the reasons to establish the club in 2017, so we would like to play for Global Goal 5 – Gender Equality.

Read more about the Global Goals here

Twitter: @wssbarcelona

Instagram: @wssbarcelona

Facebook: facebook.com/wssbcn


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Buchholzer Fußball Club e.V. - B11, B14, B15, B16 - Germany


We are Buchholzer FC from the south of Hamburg. Our club has been around since 1998 and today we are one of the largest football clubs in Niedersachsen. In Buchholzer FC, our major focus is towards our youth department and it has already show to produce top class talented footballers. Today we have 40 youth teams in total.

Buchholzer FC will participate in the Dana Cup Hjørring for the fourth time. After the last two years, where we have tried some other tournaments in Spain and Holland, we are returning home to the Dana Cup Hjørring where the atmosphere is by far the best. Apart from the fantastic atmosphere on the playing fields, we also love the supportive spectators and the many games we play. We have memories of some amazing games and highlights from the Dana Cup and probably the best and biggest experience for us was making the A-final in 2015 with our B11 team at the Nord Energi Arena.

We are hoping and looking forward to forming international friendships at the Dana Cup and we are very excited to be a part of the Dana Cup Family once again. We are also looking to strengthen our team spirit within our club, we are travelling with four teams and we will all be camping together.

In regards to the Global Goals, we support all 17 Global Goals and we play for all of them, as they are all very important and we try to transfer them into our club as best we can.

Read more about the Global Goals here

Website here

Facebook: @buchholzerFC

Instagram: buchholzerfussballclub 

Buchholzer2 1302

Buchholzer1 13.02


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Minsk1 05.02

FC Start Minsk - G12 - Belarus


The history of our girl´s team born 2008/2009 goes back to September 2017. Exactly at that time, head coach - Andrei Makhnach started to gather girls who love football from different parts of the city of Minsk. During the two and a half year history of this team, they have become Belarussian National Champions twice and have won some trophies while competing abroad. The girls do not have strong enough opponents in their surrounding area, so they usually play against boys with one-year age difference, which forced us to play with maximum speed and full dedication.

The first generation of Belarusian girls, participated at the Dana Cup in 2017 and 2018. Pupils of the same coach but with another club named FC Minsk became Dana Cup champions twice - once in the G12 class and one-time finalist in the G13 class. We have the best memories from visiting Hjørring but not only because of the football tournament itself. The atmosphere of kindness and joy everywhere in this summer days is the main point that we want to register. Dana Cup is the place where you want to return over and over again.

Of course, after a one year break in 2020, we want to make triple gold in the G12 class and we will try to prepare in the best way possible.

In regards to the Global Goals we really appreciate and respect all 17 goals but the closest one exactly for us is Global Goal 3 - Good Health and Well-Being. No matter if we became strongest or not, not matter if any of our girls became football professionals or not we have to care about their health. No illnesses, mind discomfort and injuries. We have to do our best to protect our children from all of that.

Read more about the Global Goals here

Video Greeting on YouTube

The clubs YouTube Channel

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Minsk3 05.02


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news 31.01.2020

Uniting youth footballers from all around the World


Welcome to the Dana Cup Hjørring 20-25 July 2020

We would like to officially invite you and your club to one week of fantastic youth football in Hjørring - Denmark.

Official Dana Cup Promotion Video for 2020
We have made some small updates to our Official Dana Cup Promotion Video for 2020.
Check it out on our website here or via our YouTube Channel here – Also feel free to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for all our latest updates.

New activities in 2020
“International Training Tournament” on the 19th and 20th of July in the Dana Cup Center Area – registrations open in the middle of February. More games = More fun #getinshape #goodtimes #friendshipsacrossborders

Welcome to Hjørring early
If you wish to arrive in Hjørring, Denmark before the 18th of July it is possible to book a mini training camp at our Dana Cup SportsCenter. Our center has amazing facilities and we can personalize a program as you wish - training, games, sightseeing etc. get in touch for more information - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - We can welcome teams from the 6th July.

To be released very soon
A new and official “Dana Cup Ambassador” group – A brand new “Players Corner” just for players – Dana Cup Event Area have some major events coming soon! 

Dana eCup 2020
Dana eCup Amateur Tournament
The Dana eCup official playing days are Friday and Saturday 17-18 July 2020. 
Dana eCup Elite Tournament - Invitation only!
The Dana eCup official playing days are Friday and Saturday 17-18 July 2020. The tournament for elite players starts on Saturday 18 July.
Read more here


* Join 1.000 teams from 45 nations
* For an amazing youth football experience
* Youth development 
* Building team spirit individually & united as a team
* All games on the most amazing green grass fields 
* Denmark's largest sporting event
* The World's third largest youth soccer tournament
* 20,000 participants playing in international groups
* Kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches close by
* A fantastic organization with top class personal customer service
* Memories for the rest of your life

To receive our tournament prices, just e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Join us & the Dana Cup Family 20-25 July 2020 - Register today!

We look forward to welcoming you here in Denmark in 2020.

news2 31.01.2020

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Bjorkelangen1 29.01

Bjørkelangen - B14 - Norway


Our club is called Bjørkelangen Sportsforening, it was founded in 1910 and we are located in Aurskog-Høland municipality in the Viken County. It is located around six miles east of Oslo and is a typical land and forest area. Our G14 team has around 20 active players.

It is the first time that this team will participate at the Dana Cup Hjørring but other teams from our club and from the local area have participated before. We have chosen to participate in the Dana Cup this summer due to the positive feedback we always hear about the tournament.

Our expectations at the Dana Cup are to have the best social experience possible and our goal is to play well and proceed from the first rounds.

We would like to play for the Global Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation. Close to our club, there is a huge abundance of clean water but not everyone is as lucky as we are. Clean water is necessary for everyone and it is a missing resource throughout many parts of the World.

Read more about Global Goals here

Website here

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Bjorkelangen3 29.01

Bjorkelangen4 29.01



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Halifax1 16.01

Halifax Dunbrack Soccer Club - B15 - Canada


Halifax Dunbrack Soccer Club (HDSC) was formed in 1993 as an amalgamation of the Rockingham Raiders and Clayton Park Youth Soccer Associations. The Club is comprised of youth and senior players, and dedicated volunteers who promote and support participation in and development of mini, youth and senior soccer.

Our club supports close to 1500 members who reside in one of the highest growth areas in Halifax Regional Municipality, and is one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the province. Halifax Dunbrack Soccer Club is proud to have that diversity reflected among their members.

The principal objective of the Club is to ensure the opportunity for all players to participate in organized, high quality programs of team play and skill development, at levels appropriate for each individual based on ability and commitment.

The AAA U15 team is a new team consisting of players that have been called up from the AA team the previous year.

This is the first time Dunbrack as a club will be at the Dana Cup and the first time the AAA U15 boys will travel abroad to participate in a tournament.

Our main goal for the Dunbrack AAA U15 boys team is to gain experience, be presented an opportunity to compete at an advanced international level, to learn from other teams and coaches, and most importantly have fun.

Good health and well-being is a one of the Global goals our team and the Dunbrack Soccer club strive for in 2020.

Read more about Global Goals here

Youtube: here

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Audi 655x363 10.01

Dana Cup, Audi Denmark and 
Astralis Group behind a new esport-event


Dana eCup is a tournament for both amateur and elite with fantastic prizes for the winners

For 38 years, the Dana Cup Hjørring has united thousands of football players from all around the World to play the beautiful game of football. At the same time, the interest to play football on a computer screen has also exploded, seeing esports present at our event area over the last years in July.
Now the Dana Cup is going all in. Together with Audi Denmark and Astralis Group, the Dana Cup is kick starting a brand new tournament. Prior to the traditional football tournament, the three partners can now present the Dana eCup, appealing to both amateur, which is a huge part of the Dana Cup´s DNA and elite. The best in both ranks can look forward to some great prizes.

A match made in heaven

- Here at the Dana Cup we love everything about football and we believe it is only natural for us to develop our own esports tournament. When we are given the opportunity to work together with partners like Audi Denmark and Astralis Group, we are able to offer players a very professional set up from the start here in our first year - says Mads Larsen, the Partner Manager at the Dana Cup.
- Dana eCup is a natural part of the ongoing development that the Dana Cup is constantly working on, which places us as one of the most modern and innovative football tournaments in the World. With our own esports tournament, we now have the opportunity to meet the huge interest that there is to play FIFA on a computer and to offer professional facilities. In this way, we can ensure the best conditions for those who play both football on grass and on a computer - along with those who only play football with a control instead of football boots - says Dana Cup Director, Jette Andersen.

Dana eCup

Dana eCup will be held on Friday the 17th of July and Saturday the 18th of July. All participants will be accommodated in a school, close to the center area and meals will be served in the FiberHallen next to the Dana Cup Event Area. Amateur players can register as they wish but elite players need to qualify through one of the events held at Audi Denmark´s Dealerships in Fredericia, Gladsaxe, Aalborg and Aarhus. At the Dana eCup, winners from the Audi Denmark´s dealerships will be mixed with invited professional FIFA players from the Danish eSuperliga.


The amateur tournament is played with teams of two (2v2), who meet each other. The elite tournament is played head to head in Kick-off mode, with the results being sent to the official ranking list for Danish FIFA. 1st place in the amateur tournament wins a gift card for DKK 5.000,00, 2nd place wins a gift card for DKK 2.500,00 and 3rd place a gift card for DKK 1.000,00 - all giftcards are from SPORTMASTER/New Balance. In the elite tournament the best players will receive cash prizes. 1st place wins DKK 10.000,00 in cash + an Astralis Group and Future FC experience - a day as a professional FIFA player with Astralis Group and Future FC. 2nd place wins DKK 5.000,00 in cash and 3rd place wins DKK 2.000,00 in cash.

Dana eCup Audi Dealership

Audi Fredericia: 04.03.2020 / 17.00 - 21.00 
Audi Gladsaxe: 08.03.2020 / 12.00 - 16.00 
Audi Aalborg: 28.03.2020 / 12.00 - 16.00 
Audi Aarhus: 19.04.2020 / 12.00 - 16.00 

Register online here


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AFA 1 08.01

Al-Ghad Al-Afdal - B14, B18-19 - Lebanon


We are AFA FOOTBALL ACADEMY from Lebanon “West Beqaa” located in Al Qaraoun.It´s been 5 years since our academy started in 2015. We teach the small children the basics of football and help the talented kids to show their talents.

It is not our first time at the Dana Cup Hjørring. We participated for our first time in the Dana Cup last summer in 2019. We have a lot of great memories, but our best memory was when we first arrived and saw the Dana Cup area. We stayed in the cabins and played on beautiful grass fields with many teams from different countries.

Our goals and expectations for Dana Cup 2020 are first of all to have fun, play well and make good results to reach the finals.

We will play for Global Goal 1 “No Poverty” and Global Goal 2 “Zero Hunger”.

Read more about Global Goals here

AFA 2 08.01

AFA 3 08.01

AFA 4 08.01 

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Promotion video 2020

We have made some small updates to our Official Dana Cup Promotion Video for 2020.

Check it out on our website here or via our YouTube Channel here – Also feel free to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for all our latest updates.

Welcome to the Dana Cup Hjørring 20-25 July 2020.


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Newbattle1 23.12

Newbattle HSFC - B15 - Scotland


Newbattle is a state high school situated in Midlothian just outside Edinburgh, Scotland. Football is a big part of our extra-curricular activities with our teams playing in various Lothian Schools’ Leagues and enjoying a fair bit of success. We have 3 grass pitches and a new 4G Astro facility.

In 2005 we came to Dana Cup for the first time and enjoyed the experience so much we have returned every year since mainly with our B15 team. There have been so many great memories over the years but two stand out our 2009 team defeating a Brazilian side to win the Group trophy and in 2012 our side surpassed all expectations by reaching the quarter-finals.

Our B15 team this year are performing well at home and we are very hopeful that they can reach the A tournament.

As a school we are very much involved in the Global Goals initiative with Goals 3 (Good Health & Wellbeing) and 4 (Quality Education) very close to our hearts.

Read more about Global Goals here

Newbattle HSFC on Facebook

Twitter: @NewbattleHSFC

Newbattle2 23.12

Newbattle3 23.12

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17.12.2019 January

Celebrating the Power of Football

Happy New Year! 

We are officially into a new decade and the Dana Cup Hjørring 2020 is ready to celebrate the amazing power of football in the years to come.

With updated services via Cup Manager and new ideas on the whiteboard, we have a solid plan to move the Dana Cup forward into the new decade, staying forever relevant for youth footballers from all around the World. 

At this moment in time we have a record number of teams registered from all around the World, so Dana Cup 2020 will once again be an amazing event that you do not want to miss out on.

Our registration deadline is the 1st of May, 2020 but do register in good time if you are planning on joining the youth football celebrations this summer in Hjørring – Denmark, you are more than welcome.

New activities in 2020

* We kick off 2020 with an “International Training Tournament” on the 19th and 20th of July in the Dana Cup Center Area – registrations open in the middle of February. More games = More fun #getinshape #goodtimes #friendshipsacrossborders

* Follow some of our registered teams, as we run our newcomer #DanaCup2020 team interviews on our website and SoMe channels – including which Global Goal you will play for. If you wish to be a part of our interviews, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request.

* Camping and Glamping in a TIPI “Back to nature and the principle of sustainability” - if you’re looking to stay in the “Heart of the Dana Cup” then this is a hot option in 2020.

* Remember that all our age classes play a full tournament schedule - first rounds, second rounds and finals with results – check out our tournament information here

* Competitions: if you are living in Denmark, Norway or Sweden then keep an eye out for some fantastic competitions run together with some of our major partners #DanaCup2020

* To be released very soon: A new and official “Dana Cup Ambassador” group – A brand new “Players Corner” just for players – Dana Cup Event Area have some major events coming soon!

To receive our tournament prices, just e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Join us & the Dana Cup Family 20-25 July 2020 - Register today!

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