Dana Cup and Nike

Follow your dreams - Dana Cup Hjørring 26-31 July 2021

We can all agree that 2020 has been a very special year due to Covid-19. The world has changed and many lives have been changed forever. We send our warm thoughts to you all. 

We are planning the Dana Cup next summer as normal. We will continue our close dialogue with the authorities and will follow their advice and recommendations at all times. We look forward to 2021 with optimism and believe that there will be a Dana Cup 2021. 

We would also like to point out that it is safe to plan and book your trip now. The final registration and payment deadline is the 1st of May 2021, so there is plenty of time to plan as normal.

It is a great pleasure to invite you to participate in the Dana Cup Hjørring 2021.

Football is at its best in the summer time, the grass is green, it is beautiful and hot and the scene is set for a huge football party.

Each summer more than 1.000 teams make their way to Northern Denmark to participate in a mind blowing youth football event. Dana Cup uniting the youth of the world to experience their passion for football, respect, unity, equality, friendships and more.

Dana Cup was founded in 1982 and with 38 years of experience, we produce an international youth football tournament at a world class level.

✅ Meet 1.000 teams from 45 nations
✅ An amazing youth football experience
✅ Amazing green grass fields 
✅ Northern Europe´s best football arena
✅ Denmark's largest sporting event
✅ The World's third largest youth soccer tournament
✅ 20,000 participants 
✅ International groups
✅ Kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches close by

If you would like to receive our tournament prices, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   
The deadline for registrations is the 1st of May 2021.

You are more than welcome to Hjørring. We look forward to seeing you here!

Dana Cup eBrochure / Dana Cup Registration

The "Dana Cup Come Back" tournament you don´t want to miss out on this one!

✅ New major partner - Nike
✅ Dana Cup Kick Off 25-26 July
✅ Dana eCup 25-26 July
✅ Free transport by train in Northern Jutland
✅ New camping concept
✅ Dana Cup Combi - Football and Family Holiday

Dana Cup Combi - Football and Family Holiday

In North Jutland the light is magical and the sky is vast. North Jutland is Denmark when it is at its best. Nature is ever-changing, from the rugged coastlines to the soft hills, beautiful and raw. There is a special pulse, and you will feel it all year.

More and more clubs are making Dana Cup a family getaway and a yearly tradition. Dana Cup can assist parents, family members and supporters wishing to book accommodation while they are here in Hjørring.

Dana Cup Hotel Brochure / Visit Nordjylland

Dana Cup

Photo: ©️ Robin Skjoldborg

Dana Cup

Photo: ©️ Tine Uffelmann

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Dana Cup Hjørring 2021

The "Dana Cup Come Back" tournament you don´t want to miss out on this one!

✅ 26-31 July

✅ New major partner - Nike

✅ Dana Cup Kick Off 25-26 July

✅ Dana eCup 25-26 July

✅ Free transport by train in Northern Jutland (conditions apply)

✅ New camping concept

✅ Dana Cup Combi - Football and Family Holiday

Visit Nordjylland - In North Jutland the light is magical and the sky is vast. North Jutland is Denmark when it is at its best. Nature is ever-changing, from the rugged coastlines to the soft hills, beautiful and raw. There is a special pulse, and you will feel it all year.

Registrations officially open on 15. September.


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We are looking forward to 2021!

Dana Cup Director - Jette Andersen promises an amazing event next summer.

The Dana Cup 2021 will be a top event! We have a huge desire and urge to do so and we owe it to all of you who have missed out on the Dana Cup 2020.

For a long time we believed that it would be possible to play the Dana Cup 2020 - the 39th edition but in the end we had to throw in the towel, as Covid 19 proved to be a virus that was not easy to beat.

It was a hard blow in the middel of our preparations for the Dana Cup 2020, when we received the message that our country was heading into lockdown and large gatherings were banned.

We had to face the facts!

Our immediate reaction was to focus on the Dana Cup 2021!

We are full steam ahead, although it is still difficult to believe that we will not be welcoming around 20.000 excited young footballers here in July this year. Us and Hjørring are missing something special this year!

But now we are working harder than ever to make the Dana Cup 2021 even better.....

We are making some changes, so we are 100% ready to welcome you all back to Hjørring from the 26th to the 31st of July, 2021.

We are certain that the virus will be under control when the Dana Cup 2021 will take place.

We will give you all the experience of a lifetime, once again! 

You will compete on the playing fields, rest at the accommodations, have fun at the Dana Cup Event Area with the different activities and there will be time for a dance at the disco in the evenings. You will enjoy your sport on the green grassed playing fields, your friendships across borders and the beautiful nature that surrounds cosy little Hjørring City. 

We are ready to welcome you in 2021 and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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Dana Cup and Nike – Just do it!

New long-term agreement is in place 

Nike - the World’s largest sports brand is the new official kit supplier for Fortuna Hjørring’s Gjensidige Women’s team and will be on the field when Dana Cup kicks off again in 2021. 

The new agreement will extend over the next five years. Nike has the same DNA as both our International Youth Soccer Tournament and our leading Danish Football team, Fortuna Hjørring. All three have a strong desire - to unite the world through sport and on an equal playing field for all.

- We look forward to our unification with Nike as we move into a new decade with our prestigious Dana Cup tournament and women’s football club, Fortuna Hjørring – says Director of the Dana Cup, Jette Andersen. 

- We know that Nike strive to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete in the world. Through Nike, we can inspire our Dana Cup participants and our players in Fortuna Hjørring. Our vision and values, demand strong partners and we certainly have that with Nike and SPORTMASTER.

- As a Commercial Officer, I am proud that Nike and SPORTMASTER have chosen to collaborate with the World’s third largest youth soccer tournament! They both see numerous possibilities within the partnership – says Mads Toudal Larsen. 

- For us, working with the World’s largest sports brand helps to raise the bar for both the Dana Cup and Fortuna Hjørring. They fit perfectly together with our other strong partners. 

At the same time as we unite with Nike, we would like to thank New Balance for a fantastic partnership. We wish them all the best!

- Nike Team is proud to collaborate with dedicated teams; Fortuna Hjørring has shown over many years and in impressive fashion, that they are one of these teams. We are certain that the hard work and dedication shown through the clubs members and fans in Fortuna, symbolizes Nike in the best manner. We are also looking forward to our partnership with the Dana Cup in 2021 and to welcome you to the Nike family. Your amazing work, both on and off the field, reflect Nike in the best possible way with a common goal to bring inspiration and innovation to athletes all around the world – says Frank René Jensen – Nike Team in Denmark.

August is the official start of the new established partnership, on one side Fortuna and Dana Cup Hjørring and on the other side Nike and SPORTMASTER. It is a four-leaf clover that will collectively have great significance, not only in Hjørring but also for women's football throughout Denmark.

The strong teams are:

Dana Cup Hjørring & Fortuna Hjørring



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Dana Cup 2020 will not take place!

For the first time in 38 years we are unable to complete the Dana Cup in Hjørring – Denmark!

Due to Covid-19, an event the size of the Dana Cup is not allowed to be held.

We are of course very sad that it has come to this but at the same time we fully respect and understand the work being done by our governement, our parliament and our public system in the fight against the virus! 

We know that there are thousands of people who have been looking forward to and preparing to come to Hjørring in July.

Here you were going to meet on the football fields, play against teams from all around the World and enjoy time with your team mates.

So it is obivious, that it is a huge disappointment for us to confirm:

There will be no Dana Cup in 2020

A talk with the Danish Culture Minister has confirmed that the Dana Cup is included in the ban against events with more than 1.000 participants, the ban is to be upheld until the end of August.

Dana Cup has already received hundreds of registrations from teams from all around the World, we have made agreements with tournament suppliers, partners and assistant clubs. We have now started to make settlement agreements around these things. We ask for a little patience, as there are many things that need to be addressed but we will reach out to everyone! 

When all this is taken care of, we will start to prepare for the Dana Cup 2021 - 26 - 31 July.

See you here in 2021!

Jette Andersen - Director - Dana Cup Hjørring


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Corona aflysning

No Dana Cup in 2020

The Danish Prime Minister and the countries authorities have now announced that all events involving a large number of people will not be allowed to take place before the 1st of September 2020. 

We believe that the Dana Cup falls within this category, which means we will not be able to hold our Dana Cup tournament in 2020!

The Dana Cup has contacted the Government and we are awaiting their official response. When we receive their reply, we will come with our final and official announcement from the Dana Cup!

In the midst of our great disappointment that we most certainly will not be able to welcome between 15.000 to 20.000 young football players from all around the World, we hold a huge amount of respect for the efforts to fight the Covid-19. 

We will now start our preparations for the Dana Cup 26th to the 31st of July 2021. It will be an amazing Dana Cup, as we are well known for. 

Dana Cup will continue to contact all clubs, leaders, parents and supporters who have already registered and or booked accommodation for this years event!

Yours sincerely

Dana Cup Hjørring


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Update from the Dana Cup

The current situation!
Dana Cup would like to make an update about the current situation due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus. This message will be sent out today to all our participating teams.

Dana Cup has a deep understanding of how all of you are affected by the outbreak of the new coronavirus and that it awakens a lot of questions regarding the tournament. As always, Dana Cup places people’s health first. We are following the development very carefully and are in direct contact with the authorities, to make sure that we take the right decisions in this extraordinary situation. 

In the light of the IOC’s decision to postpone the Tokyo Olympic Games, Dana Cup would like to make it clear that our organization, as a yearly event, has different lead times than the IOC. Hence, there is no need for radical decisions nor any speculation at this stage. Dana Cup can wait to make a final decision for a further two months, until the beginning of June.

Nevertheless, we have a deep respect for the fact that some of our foreign teams don’t have the possibility to wait until then, before making their decision. None of us are unaffected by this pandemic but the situation varies in different parts of the world, both when it comes to the spread of the disease, covid-19 and the national authorities’ restrictions. Also, the preparations for our teams differ when it comes to travel reservations and different deadlines.

Dana Cup’s terms of cancellation are still applied as normal, meaning that you don’t need to pay your participation fee until the 25th of May and you can cancel your registration with a full refund of your participation fees up until the 14th of June. As of today, with almost four months left until the Dana Cup kicks off, there are no directions from the authorities – neither WHO, ECDC nor the Danish Public Health Agency – that Dana Cup needs to cancel the tournament because of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The preparations for the Dana Cup 2020 will continue but we will also follow the development on a daily basis and we are planning for different scenarios for this year’s tournament. We apologise for not being able to give more exact information at this stage but we promise to manage the trust you have shown us in this extraordinary situation. We can assure you that Dana Cup will never risk people’s health when making our decisions.

Finally, in these difficult times, Dana Cup would like to reach out to all of our Dana Cup Family members all over the world, with the most important message at this moment:
Take care of each other.
Stay safe.
Whatever happens in the coming months – when this is all over, we will be here.

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DC2020 Update CV

Dana Cup 2020 and the Corona threat

In line with the developments regarding the pandemic COVID-19 and announcements from the Danish Prime Minister, the authorities, specialists and other announcements internationally, we are receiving a huge number of inquiries regarding the Dana Cup 2020.

The announcements from the authorities today, says that people should avoid large crowds and there will be controls made at all Danish borders. High restrictions are set in place, including the authorites not allowing the entrance of foreign guests.

The Dana Cup 2020 will take place from the 20th to 25th of July, in four months time. We strongly believe that COVID-19 is at that time combated and the situation under full control. That is why we continue to plan and prepare for this year's Dana Cup.

Should there be any concern among clubs heading to the Dana Cup 2020, we would like to point out that the Dana Cup cancellation policy applies as usual!

Here you will find our cancellation and no show rules! However due to the situation, we have adjusted and extended the deadline for refunds of the participation fees. The deadline for cancellations and refunds of the participation fees is now changed to the 14th of June 2020!

We act on the basis of competent advice and we will always be conscious of our responsibility and aim for yet another successful Dana Cup.

Yours sincerely

Dana Cup Management


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Clube Pinheiros - 2 x B15 - Brazil


The Pinheiros Club was founded in 1899 and will be 121 years old in 2020. It has approximately 40.000 members and 3.000 soccer players between 5 and 70 years of age.

The Club has participated in the Dana Cup 4 times and our best memory was in 2000 when our team played the quarter final in B15 (born 1985) but unfortunately lost to Cruz Azul from Mexico.

Our expectations at Dana Cup 2020 are to compete in the best possible way and try to reach the final match. But in addition to the football games, it is also to carry out a sports, social and cultural exchange, offering our players the opportunity to meet and compete with teams from different parts of the world.

We support – Global Goal 5 - Gender Equality. Within our club, the girls have had to play with the boys in different activities and categories.

Read more about the Global Goals here

Clube Pinheiros are travelling with MSK Turismo.

Twitter: @ClubePinheiros

Facebook: @ecpinheiros

Instagram: @ecpinheiros

Pinheiros1 13.03


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340 1 05.03

340 Girls Soccer Academy - G17 - US Virgin Islands


340 GSA (Girls Soccer Academy) G17 Girls Team started in 2017 under the umbrella of the non-profit 340WSI.

An organization dedicated to girls and women empowerment, development, life skills, community integration and preparation for success through the game of soccer.

This is our first time at the Dana Cup Hjørring.

We are hoping to test ourselves as a team and learn.

We support Global Goal 4 "Quality Education".

Read more about the Global Goals here

Facebook: @info340wsi

340 2 05.03

340 3 05.03

340 4 05.03

340 5 05.03

340 6 05.03



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Dana Cup offering ”warm up games”


They eagerliy await to get on the playing fields. A certain impatience characterizes the young football players from all around the World, so now the Dana Cup has made it possible to kick off a little earlier and enjoy some top quality warm up games before the real Dana Cup kicks off.

The Dana Cup is expecting lots of local and national football clubs will also sign up to play these interesting warm up games in the Dana Cup Kick Off - training tournament.

It is possible to play games on Sunday the 19th and Monday the 20th of July.

Teams arriving early, can now, warm up, get into shape and experience some top quality games.

Dana Cup receives numerous enquires each year from clubs who wish to find opponents, make friends and play some warm up games.

So this is why the Dana Cup has decided to organize the Kick Off tournament to meet these needs.

Travelling clubs, along with local and national clubs will be able to test their skills!

Dana Cup Kick Off is open for boys and girls with the teams playing 3:3, 5:5, 7:7 and 11:11 games.

You can read more information about the Dana Cup Kick Off HERE, and see all the classes available.


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