Dana Cup - Bringing back the good times - Episode 4

“At the heart of every tradition is a meaningful experience!”

FC Horsens have participated with girls teams at the Dana Cup over the last 25 years. We have taken several trophies home with us and they proudly showcased in our clubhouse. We have amazing summer memories, team spirit, top class games, nail biting penalty shoot outs and wonderful friendships across borders that we remember from the Dana Cup. 

Participating in the Dana Cup each summer is something really unique. We are guaranteed good games, along with a fantastic team experience across all of our age groups. Our teams are accommodated at the FDF-Spejdergården just across from the FREM-Parken and our parents, siblings and grandparents all join us as supporters for the teams.

We are once again looking forward to being a part of the Dana Cup in 2022. 

Torsten Cargnelli - Chairman for the Girls Committee - FC Horsens

Today we relive the Boys B17 final from 2019 – Utsikten BK (SWE) v Interclubes (SWE)

For an experience of lifetime, join us next summer – Register online here


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Dana Cup - Bringing back the good times - Episode 3

Dana Cup Combi – Football & Family Holiday – Take the family to North Jutland.

Nothing beats good times with your football mates, friends and family and the Dana Cup is the perfect place to indulge in both.

A summer holiday in North Jutland offers everything you desire. Long white sandy beaches, fantastic nature, lazy coastal towns filled with arts and crafts, history, top class attractions and amazing local food.

Apart from our very social school accommodation, we also offer upgrades to hotels, apartments, cabins - along with our very popular camping and glamping options – "Back to Nature".

"Dana Cup = Good Times and Amazing Memories"

Today we relive the Girls G17 final from 2019 – Sørfjell IL (NOR) v Viking FK 1 (NOR).

For an experience of lifetime, join us next summer – Register online here


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#mydanacup - "Take Over" our Facebook Cover

Dana Cup is all about giving and sharing amazing experiences through football 🙂

Share your best Dana Cup photo to "Take Over" our Facebook cover 📸

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Stars N´Stripes - USA - Ed Puskarich


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Dana Cup - Bringing back the good times - Episode 2


In Denmark we have a word for that cosy feeling of togetherness - HYGGE

Hygge is all about creating cosy social gatherings, intimate get-togethers, enjoying the good things in life, with the feeling of wellbeing and in warm atmospheres. 

Hygge is exactly what you experience when you take part in our tournament.

Hygge on the playing field, where you are challenged by different styles, different techniques, all while playing the beautiful game of football with your best friends and future friends.

Hygge off the playing field, where you get to socialize daily at our event area that is filled with fun activities for all ages and in the evening you can enjoy our fun park and disco.

Hygge at your accommodation, where you form friendships with other teams and our own volunteers who just love «Hygge» with our visitors. 

“HYGGE” = bringing back the good times - only in Denmark.

Today we relive the Boys B19 final from 2019 – Staal Jørpeland IL (NOR) v Jammerbugt FC (DEN).

For an experience of lifetime, join us next summer – Register online here


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Dana Cup – Bringing back the good times – Episode 1

One of the world’s top ranked international youth soccer tournaments – the Dana Cup.

Tried-and-tested since 1982 by more than 900.000 participants.

International youth football for girls and boys, 11 to 19 years of age.

Our focus QUALITY = your experience MEMORABLE!

We provide a platform for you and your team to experience your passion for football with respect, unity, equality, friendships and much more.

All of this in – “One of the happiest countries in the world” – Denmark.

Today we relive the Girls G19 final from 2019 - Ottestad IL (NOR) v Gimletroll IL (NOR).

For an experience of lifetime, join us next summer – Register online here

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Dana Cup open for registrations!

Dana Cup Hjørring 25-30 July 2022 ❤

We are honoured to welcome you to our prestigious Dana Cup tournament 😀

We unite the youth of the world to experience their passion for football with respect, unity, equality, friendships and much more.

Check out the following
Dana Cup Brochure here
Dana Cup Promotion Video here
For upgrades to hotel see here

Join us for the "Come Back" ✅ #DanaCupUnited 🇩🇰

Register online today!

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2 years in the making - are you ready?

Welcome to “The Come Back” 25-30 July 2022

Registrations open 15. September.

Pre-Registered teams must register when we open up, your registrations will have first priority as agreed.

Dana Cup – Giving over 900.000 youth footballers & participants an experience of a lifetime since 1982 – welcome to the Dana Cup Family!

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Soren ny salgschef - Dana Cup og Fortuna

New sales manager in Dana Cup & Fortuna

Dana Cup and Fortuna have hired a new sales manager. The position became available when former sponsor manager, Mads Larsen decided to explore something new. The position has now been filled by 40 year old Søren Ejstrup, who will start on the 1st of August.
Søren Ejstrup started his education as an accountant and has extended it by managing large projects within finance, sales and information technology. He has held positions as General Manager with NetEngage ApS in South Korea and the Philippines. After three years abroad, Søren returned home to North Jutland in 2007 where he had been a Key Account Manager, leading sales within information technology companies. Søren brings a wealth of experience with him, such as close and personal customer relationships.
- He will be doing the same here with us. He will be taking care of our current partners, while attracting new partners and customers. We have to start to rebuild the Dana Cup, establishing a strong economic foundation once again, says Dana Cup Director - Jette Andersen.

- I have high expectations for Søren and the work he will do here with us. There are plenty of opportunities to enter into new agreements and form new partnerships both nationally and internationally. 


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Dana Cup - Visit North Jutland

From all of us to all of you ❤
Have a great summer ☀️🏖
Welcome to the Dana Cup 25-30 July 2022 #Denmark 🇩🇰
Join us for the "Come Back" ✅ #DanaCupUnited
Pre-register for 2022 today to secure your spot 👇

pre register

Visit North Jutland
Active Holiday ⚽️🏸⛳️🏋️‍♂️🏄‍♀️🏊‍♀️🚵‍♂️
Lazy Summer Days on the beach ☀️🏖
Gourmet Denmark 🌭🍴🥂
Training Camps & more 🙂
We have everything you are looking for, in the heart of North Jutland 🇩🇰
Dana Cup Summer Special 25% off (one week stay)
Booking Code: SOMMER21 (ends 31.07.2021) 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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 01.06.2021 Blog2

International Youth Soccer Tournament - Denmark

It has been a long time coming but youth football is getting back on its feet again and so are we. 

We officially invite you to join the celebrations and take part in the Dana Cup 25-30 July 2022. 

Registrations will officially open on the 1st of September 2021. 

Almost all of our 2020 and 2021 registrations have been transferred to 2022, so if you wish to secure your space and start your journey together with us for the “Come Back” tournament. 

We wish you all a fantastic summer!

👉 Pre-register today - click here 👈

Age limits 2022

B18-19 Boys (11:11) born 1.1.2003 or later
B17 Boys (11:11) born 1.1.2005 or later
B16 Boys (11:11) (7:7) born 1.1.2006 or later
B15 Boys (11:11) born 1.1.2007 or later
B14 Boys (11:11) (7:7) born 1.1.2008 or later
B13 Boys (11:11) born 1.1.2009 or later
B12 Boys (7:7) born 1.1.2010 or later
B11 Boys (7:7) born 1.1.2011 or later

G18-19 Girls (11:11) born 1.1.2003 or later
G17 Girls (11:11) born 1.1.2005 or later
G16 Girls (11:11) (7:7) born 1.1.2006 or later
G15 Girls (11:11) born 1.1.2007 or later
G14 Girls (11:11) (7:7) born 1.1.2008 or later
G13 Girls (11:11) born 1.1.2009 or later
G12 Girls (7:7) born 1.1.2010 or later


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NSSystem web
Photo: Mads Larsen and Tom Nielsen

New partnership with fantastic NS System A/S


We are extremely proud to present NS System A/S as a new partner for our Dana Cup group and Fortuna Hjørring. NS System A/S are the country´s largest specialist within textile printing, with 50 years of experience and they are also a local North Jutland partner.

We are looking forward to our future partnership.

NS System AS


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