Ordin FC (BRA) – Skibsby-Højene IF (DEN) 7-1 (2-1)

100. So many goals have Sordin FC from Brazil scored in this year’s Dana Cup. The Brazilians entered Nord Energi Arena having already scored 93 goals and conceded none. Still, Skibsby-Højene (SHI) from the host town, Hjørring, started well but unluckily SHI made an own goal.

As the first team in the tournament SHI even managed to score the only goal against the Brazilians as the Danes equalised after 11 minutes of play. However, four minutes later Ordin scored again.

In the second half, Ordin dominated the game scoring three goals in two minutes, thereby, closing the game.
Honour and respect to SHI, who played a class team no one in the tournament came near to defeating in the Dana Cup 2019. An impressive final.

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