Utsikten BK (SWE) – Interclubes (BRA) 0-1 after extra time (0-0):

After 50 minutes of play, the two goalkeepers from Utsikten and Interclubes had not had a single save. There had not been one serious shot on goal. Therefore, the game went into extra time and, after just two minutes of play, Interclubes made it 1-0 with what turned out to be the only goal of the match. However, Utsikten quite correctly should have been awarded a penalty a couple of minutes before the final whistle.

Goals are important to a football match, but with fast pace, many duels and hard tackles, the two teams played well and, in the end, small margins made the difference. No wonder, Utsikten’s players were disappointed, but they did their best.

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