Jammerbugt FC (DEN) – Staal Jørpeland IL 1 (NOR) 1-2 (0-0):

With two really good opportunities within the first minutes, everybody expected an entertaining final between Jammerbugt and Staal Jørpeland. However, the game ended in a war of position with very few chances. On the other hand, the spectators saw two well-playing teams full of energy and willing to run a lot.

When Staal Jørpeland was given a penalty, which the Jammerbugt camp disagreed with, and then scored, the game changed. The duels became even more physical, and Jammerbugt went all out to equalise.

Nevertheless, Staal Jørpeland scored again with eight minutes left.

Even though the task looked impossible, Jammerbugt kept trying and, thus, they scored a couple of minutes into added time. But they could not prevent Staal Jørpeland from winning gold.


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