Women's Soccer School Barcelona - G18-19 - Spain


Women’s Soccer School Barcelona was established in June 2017, with the aim to offer the girls a club where they would have the same opportunities as the boys have in their clubs. We only have girls’ teams and over the last three years, we have grown from 60 players to 150 players. We want the girls to have as many experiences as possible inside and outside the field and these include participating in a tournament like the Dana Cup.

It is our first time competing in the tournament.

Our goals are to discover other cultures, other football playing styles and to be able to show how we understand football.

We are working for gender equality in our society; this was one of the reasons to establish the club in 2017, so we would like to play for Global Goal 5 – Gender Equality.

Read more about the Global Goals here

Twitter: @wssbarcelona

Instagram: @wssbarcelona

Facebook: facebook.com/wssbcn


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